Over the past years the market for robotics in any form has rapidly developed. Not only have we experienced increased use of robotics in consumer electronics (kitchen robots, robot vacuum cleaners and many others) but as well in the field of education, our kids can experiment with portable versions of robots. Robotics education allows them to acquire knowledge about mechatronics, physics and programming. Today, there are more and more classes that use educational robots to prepare children and teenagers for knowledge and construction, which is undoubtedly our future. However, it is not only for educational purposes robots has been deviced. You like playing around with electronics? This might be a natural next step for you. Be assured there is a whole community of robot developers, and plenty of events you can take part in. We are an active agent in the environment and you can find all the information on potential events in our blog area.



  • Robot Arms

    Robotic arms - robotic arm is one of the basic elements of robotics. They have been massively implemented in production optimization and as such have been one of the first mechanical components of robotics to be so extensively mastered in terms of practical applications. The functionality of the robotic arm fully depends on the number of joints it deploys. In simple terms the more joints the more comprehensive is the action coverage of the space around the arm base thanks to more degrees of freedom. In our offer you will find 4 and 6 axis arms that either come with servo set already or without it - up for your decision. The arms in our offer are fully compatible with Arduino and Raspberry

  • Mechanical accessories

    In this category you will find mechanical elements necessary to make your robot move. Starting with wheels, through servos and helis - it is all in here. Our offering includes the most popular products in the market such as servo SG92 or servo S3003 through motors, motors with wheels, motors with helis and many more. Remember to review in detail product specification to get the servo you need - they might appear similar, but small differences in the servo power for example might make a big difference for your project. Revise our new guide to motors applications in Arduino projects to choose the right motor for your project!

  • Motor controllers

    Our offer includes electronic controllers suitable for stepper motors (PAP motors), both unipolar and bidirectional, DC motors, low-power motors as well as high-power motors. Consult the offer to find the most suitable controllers for your purposes.

  • Engine speed controllers

    Also known as variable speed drives (VSD), motor speed controllers are devices that control the rotational speed of motors, either mechanically, hydraulically or electronically. Our offer includes both AC and DC controllers with maximum power ratings from 100W up to 400W. Check our offer to find the most suitable for your purposes.

  • Transmission belts

    Power transmission belts are basic but very indispensable devices in the world of robotics, mechanics and engineering. The most important thing in belts is durability and in our offer you will find well-proven and tested durable belts. Check our offer of belts from 0.5mm to 4mm width.

  • Electromagnets - Magnetic Solenoids

    Electromagnet produces magnetic field by current flow inside its core. It is a device frequently applied in access control, in shops, houses and all over the world. It can also be used in robotics to control different parts of our project. In this category you will find all types of electromagnets that you will need in your projects.

  • Robotics Kits and STEAM Toys

    In the category of robotics kits we offer you sets of mechanical elements for the use of robotics. They are ready-made platforms with wheels and transport systems with other parts allowing the movement of the robot. You will also find educational toy kits for assembly and learning. If you have questions, please consult our forum or technician.

  • Platforms for mobile robots

    In the category of robotic platforms we offer you sets of mechanical elements for the use of robotics. These are ready-made platforms with wheels and transport systems with other parts enabling the movement of the robot. If you have any questions, please consult our forum or technical

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Intensidad de corriente

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Longitud de la rosca

Speed controller for AC...


Speed controller for AC motor 50-220VAC 2000W 10A

Characteristic: - Voltage regulator 50-220V AC 2000W
- Ideal to control the speed of AC motors
- Allows adjustment the output voltage between 50V and 220V
- Input voltage: 220V AC
- Regulation range: 50V to 220V AC
- Max current: 10A
- Max power.: 2000W
- Dimensions: 47 x 35 x 27mm

Price €3.89
2WD Smart Robot Car Kit DIY


2WD Smart Robot Car Kit DIY

- The ideal kit to build a robot car
- Includes battery compartment for 4 AA batteries and ignition switch. (batteries not included)
2WD Smart Robot Car Kit DIY features:
- Robot platform with 2 wheels and idler
- UNO CH340 board compatible with Arduino
- Prototype plate 170 points
- Micro servo 9g
- Platform for servo
- Distance sensor HC-SR04
- Sensor shield for sensors
- L298N motor controller
Motor 2WD Smart Robot Car Kit DIY features:
- Voltage: 3 to 6Vdc
- Speed without load: 100 RPM to 6Vdc
- No-load current: 90mA to 3Vdc - 180mA to 6Vdc
- Dimensions of the wheel: diameter 65mm - width 26 mm
Helpful Links:
Realization of a robot manageable by Infrared

Regular price €35.18 -€7.47 Price €27.71
2WD Round Car Chassis 2x...


2WD Round Car Chassis 2x Ultrasonic Sensor

Contents: - 2x Round transparent chassis plate diameter of 14cm
- 2x DC 5V gear motor
- 2x 6.5cm wheels (Dia .) x 2.6cm (H)
- 2x Encoder discs
- 2x Idlers
- 2x HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor, distance meter
- 2x Holder for HC-SR04
- 1x Battery holder 2xAA (batteries not included)
- Screws for assembly Motor characteristic: - Voltage: 3 at 6Vdc
- Reducer: 1:48
- No load speed: 100 RPM at 6Vdc
- No load current: 90mA at 3Vdc - 180mA at 6Vdc

Price €22.45
Set of flat transmission...


Set of flat transmission belts - width 0.5mm

A set of flat drive belts with a diameter from 27mm to 80mm. The kit includes approximately 50 pieces of strips from 0.5 mm to 1 mm thick.
Technical data:
- width: 0.5 mm
- diameter from 27 mm to 80 mm
- thickness: from 0.5 to 1 mm
Quantity tolerance +/- 5%

Price €4.20
Micro Motor 3V 5V 6V DC DIY...


Micro Motor 3V 5V 6V DC DIY for Arduino UNO Mega Robotics

For Arduino, Smart Car, Robotics.
Small electric motor magnet for direct current (DC). Micro Motor 3V 5V 6V DC DIY Arduino UNO Mega Robotics features:
- Operating voltage: 1.5V to 6V
- DC current: 350mA
- Torque max.: 15g / cm
- Max speed: 12000rpm
- Weight: 16.5 g

Price €0.98
Small Thrust Actuator,...


Small Thrust Actuator, Solenoid - 12VDC 10mm stroke

This electromagnetic push actuator allows a force of 0.8N to be exerted and has a pitch length of 10mm.
It is powered by 12VDC and has a consumption of 420mA.
This supply is used in industrial automation systems. Characteristic: - Input voltage: 12VDC - Thrust length: 10mm
- Holding force: 0.8N
- Operating temperature: -5 ° C to 40 ° C without condensation
- Humidity of operating environment: 45% to 85% non-condensing
- Push bar diameter: 0.8 cm / 0.3 "
- Material type: Metal
- Model: ZYE1-0837Z
- Actuator size: 3.7x2x2.5 cm / 1.5x0.8x1 "

Price €6.89
Controller TB6612FNG DC PAP...


Controller TB6612FNG DC PAP motor

TB6612FNG controller, double H-bridge controller driver.
Allows to control up to 2 current motors continuous or bipolar stepper motor. It also allows to control a unipolar stepper motor configured as bipolar.
Ideal for projects with ARDUINO. You can use it with PIC, AVR, STM32.
An improved version of the L298N.
H-bridges are made up of MOSFET transistors, rather than BJT transistors as in the L298N.
The TB6612FNG has better efficiency and smaller dimensions than the L298N.
Controller TB6612FNG DC PAP motor features:

- Minimum operating voltage: 4.5 V
- Maximum operating voltage: 13.5 V (15V max)
- Maximum current: ± 3A per channel (1.2 A direct current per channel)
- Logic voltage: 5V

Price €3.99
L293D Motor Drive Shield...


L293D Motor Drive Shield Expansion Board

It allows controlling many different types of engines: - Up to 4 bidirectional current motors
- Up to 2 stepper motors (unipolar or bipolar) In addition it is provided with two connectors for servos.                   L293D Motor Drive Shield Expansion Board features:
- Minimum operating voltage: 4.5 V
- Maximum operating voltage: 36 V
- Maximum current: ± 1.2 A (650mA)
- Logic voltage: 5V
- Controller L293D
- Measures: 70x55x20 mm L293D controller consists of 4 H bridges with 650 mA current with thermal protection.
Pull-down resistors keep the motors off during startup.

Price €2.95
Aluminium Robot 6 DOF Arm...


Aluminium Robot 6 DOF Arm without servo

The 6 DOF black aluminum arm is widely used in the field of teaching, the personal production of IDY and the education of the fanatics, it can be seen as a demonstration platform of multiple degrees of freedom, and its energy system consists of six servomotors, Robot can be achieved before and after, Up and down, left and right to grasp the handling of the presentation. Aluminium Robot 6 DOF Arm without servo features:
- Material: 2mm thick aluminum plate - Color: Black

Price €34.90

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What is robotics exactly?

There definitely is a lot of fuzz about robotics that we can here in everyday life. Robotics are taking over the world and other messages of this sort. But what is robotics exactly? Robotics is a multidisciplinary field of science combining developments of electronics, mathematics, mechanics, informatics and many others. It is basically a science researching and developing theory and practices about the use of robots. And robots, in its origins, mean "artificial beings deployed to substitute human at work" (as devised by Czech writer Karel Capek in 20s of the 19th century). The word itself comes from Czech "robota", which means work itself. In early 60s, the theory devised by Capek actually came to live, as General Motors for the first time in the history used a mechanic "robot" for work on a production line. Since then much has changed, and robotics have developed a series of much more advanced applications connected with the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence in general - those are currently used in everyday life by technological behemoths such as google in their algorithms or even Uber or Tesla in their work on autonomous driving

Robotic components

With the fall of electronic components cost, robotics has even come to the hobbyist users enabling them to build and experiment with home made robots. We at Solectroshop have always been amazingly fascinated by the subject and do our best to bring to you the freshest news from across the world, to make your projects come true. From platforms, through robotic arms up to the guts of the robot itself that is the motors and motor controlers. In this category we provide you everything you might need to make you robot move. Obviously, the robot needs as well brains and senses - we have you covered in those aspects as well in the components and sensors category as well as development boards.

Programmable educational robots

Boy, is there a lot to search within the educational robots? It all started already some time ago with Lego introducing first platform for learning and teaching on ready made robots, but since then it has been an outburst of new products, so that right now we have it all - robots for pre-school kids, robots for primary school kids, robots for middle school kids. Ready-made robots such as Photon or Ozobot, or ready for assembly bots such as Little Bits, MakeBlocks and Jimus of this world. We constantly develop our offering and want to have it all. If you are looking for advise, we are as well constantly developing our materials on blog and tutorials section in the subject of robotics