If you want to assemble or disassemble something you will always need a tool for that. Screwdrivers will come in handy for that. Check our offer to find the right screwdriver for your purposes.



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Phillips screwdriver 45x2.0mm cross head

Phillips blue Phillips screwdriver made of steel and plastic suitable for screws with 2.0mm head for electronic applications. Phillips screwdriver 45x2.0mm cross head features:
- Head type: Star
- Specification of the screwdriver: 45x2.0mm
- Material: Steel and plastic
- Screw driver size: 4.5x0.6x0.6cm / 1.77x0.24x0.24 "


Price €0.49

Ceramic alignment tool CD-20

The zirconium ceramic tip of the CD-200/201 combines the wear resistance of a metal tip with the non-conductive and non-inductive properties of the plastic.
Ceramic alignment tool CD-20 features:
- Length: 11.5 cm,
- Screwdriver tip: flat,
- Tip length: 2mm.
- Suitable for: potentiometers, watchmaking, electronics components.


Price €2.29

Universal Magnetic Project Mat Plate 30cmx25cm

Practical magnetic plate for repair the magnetic screws needed for Apple, Samsung and other mobile phones.
The screw position prevents the occurrence of errors, offers an excellent way to store and organize screws or other small metal objects.
High quality dry erase surface.
It can be used repeatedly, with slate pencil to write, convenient to record and memory to facilitate.
Universal Magnetic Project Mat Plate 30cmx25cm features:

Material: silicone
Made of high quality silicone, solid and durable, easy to clean with a dry cloth.
Color: Black and white (as shown in the pictures)
Mat Thickness: 0.8mm
Size (L * W): 30 * 25cm


Price €7.29

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