Prototype box

When you have completed your project and want to secure and protect it for future use, you will need a container to do so. Prototype box is perfect for that. We have in our offer impregnated plastic boxes that will satisfy all your project needs. Here you can see our range of conventional plastic boxes.

Prototype box


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Electronic waterproof...


Electronic waterproof plastic cover

  IP65 waterproof case ideal for electronic projects, energy supplies, student projects, amplifiers.   Electronic waterproof plastic cover features:
  - Material: extruded plastic,
- Waterproof protective indication: IP65,
- Includes 4 screws and waterproof assembly,
- Size external: 158x90x60mm, - Dimension internal: 158x90x60mm,
- Weight: approx. 190g

Price €3.89
Plastic Box


Plastic Box

Plastic Box features:
- Transparent color
- Dimensions: 22,80x16x5,90cm

Price €3.79
Sonoff IP66 Waterproof Case


Sonoff IP66 Waterproof Case

Sonoff Waterproof Case is a high quality waterproof protective casing ideal for outdoor or environments susceptible to dust and/or liquids. It can be used with Sonoff Basic / RF or the Sonoff Pow PCBA board. The waterproof level of the case is IP66. It allows you to remotely control your outdoor lights or appliances - get it to control your Christmas tree lighting!

Price €4.69
Sonoff DR - Sonoff DIN Rail...


Sonoff DR - Sonoff DIN Rail Tray

Most Sonoff products are not DIN-rail mounted, making it difficult to place Sonoff products in the switchboard or control panel. With this simple tray you can place your switches inside the home's entrance box, for easy installation. 

Price €2.89

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