Specialized measuring devices are indispensable equipment for workshop equipment.

The measurement of electronics is the basis of work for many electronic devices, both for those who deal with this field of technology professionally and for amateurs or enthusiasts. The category includes but is not limited to USB port meters, test leads with probes, various types of battery and accumulator testers, digital oscilloscope, as well as voltage testers.



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Hantek 1008C PC...


Hantek 1008C PC Oscilloscope USB 8 Channel Automotive Diagnostic DAQ

8-channel oscilloscope for vehicle testing.
More than 80 kinds of automotive diagnostic functions (ignition detection / sensor / bus detection / performance / starting and charging circuits , etc.). The video help function provides the diagnostic video help that can be viewed online. The diagnostic result can be generated a diagnostic report, printed or taken a screenshot by pressing a key, many methods to save the data. Supported for recording waveform for a long time. You can simulate the camshaft and crankshaft signal. Transmit signals through the USB 2.0 plug and play interface, and requires no additional power supply; Key Hantek 1008C PC Oscilloscope USB 8 Channel Automotive Diagnostic DAQ features:

Price €105.00
Hantek Oscilloscope 6022BE...


Hantek Oscilloscope 6022BE USB 2 channel 20MHz

Hantek Oscilloscope 6022BE USB 2 channel 20MHz features:
- 20 MHz bandwidth
- High performance: 48MSa / s sampling in real time
- 23 measurement functions
- The ability to perform mathematical operations:
- Addition - add CH1 + CH1
- Subtraction - subtract CH1-CH2 or CH2-CH-1 - Multiplication - multiplication CH1 * CH2
- Division - division CH1: CH2 or CH2: CH1
- FFT analysis spectral analysis using a fast Fourier transform
- The ability to save runs in the following formats: text files, jpg / bmp graphics files, Excel / MS Word files, CSV
- Compatible with LabVIEW
-USB 2.0 communication interface - powered from the USB port - Operating System: Windows8, Windows 7, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, VISTA

Price €72.59
Hantek Oscilloscope 6022BL...


Hantek Oscilloscope 6022BL USB 2 channel 20MHz

Highly efficient and cost-effective oscilloscope with 2 channels. The high quality anodized aluminum case. The bandwidth is 20 MHz and the sampling rate is 48 MSa / s.
Hantek Oscilloscope 6022BL USB 2 channel 20MHz features:

16-channel logic analyzer, 20MHz bandwidth.
Operating system: Windows 7, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista. More than 20 kinds of automatic measurement functions.
Intensity, inversion, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, XY.
Save the waves that appear on screen in JPG / BMP or excel formats. FFT spectrum analysis function.
One computer can connect to many DSOs, the channel can be easily extended.
Inputs: 2 channels.
Bandwidth: 20 MHz.

Price €98.90
Hantek 365A - Virtual...


Hantek 365A - Virtual Multimeter for PC and iPad, Datalogger and Recorder

Virtual multimeter for PC, it replaces a conventional multimeter and also performs functions of autonomous datalogger and recorder.
- Continuous measurement and recording of values ​​of voltages, currents, resistances, capacity, etc., in real time and with creation of graphs and curves,
- Electrical insulation,
- Compatible with Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows XP, Win8 / 10
- Plug & play connection via USB,
- Simple and intuitive software.
Measurements and tolerances:

Price €79.00
Power supply 30V 5A Zhaoxin...


Power supply 30V 5A Zhaoxin RXN-305D

Stabilized laboratory power supply with smoothly adjustable voltage in the range of 0 to 30 volts and current in the range of 0 to 5A. The power supply is fan cooled which allows the power supply to work in constant mode.

Price €69.00
Power supply 30V 5A UNI-T...


Power supply 30V 5A UNI-T UTP3315TFL

Stabilized power supply with adjustable voltage in the range of 0 to 30 volts and current in the range of 0 to 5 A.
The fan cools the power supply and can operate in constant mode. Power supply 30V 5A UNI-T UTP3315TFL features:
- Input voltage: 230VAC
- Output voltage: 0-30V adjustable
- Output current: 0-5A adjustable
- Backlit display
- Protection against over-consumption and short circuit
- Cooled by fan
- Includes crocodile clip cables Uni-T UTP3315TFL datasheet
Load Regulation
Voltage & lt; = 0.01% + 3mV
Current & lt; = 0.2% + 3mA
Line Regulation
Voltage & lt; = 0.01% + 3mV
Current & lt; = 0.1% + 5mA
Ripple and Noise
Voltage 1mV rms
Current 3mA rms

Price €85.00
JDS6600 DDS Dual Channel...


JDS6600 DDS Dual Channel Wave Function Generator Signal source.

The JDS6600 series DDS signal generator can generate sine waves, square waves, triangle waves, pulse waves and arbitrary waves, etc. The frequency will be up to 40MHz. And it has duty cycle correction, amplitude modulation function and frequency sweep function etc. It can display output signal, amplitude and frequency at the same time. This series has amplitude frequency characteristics, and the appearance is very delicate and beautiful. It can be applied in factories, schools, research institutes and laboratories. There are 5 models, JDS6600-60M, JDS6600-50M, JDS6600-40M, JDS6600-30M and JDS6600-15M. The main difference is the maximum sine wave output frequency. JDS6600 -15MHZ is the maximum output frequency of the sine wave.

Price €95.80
Universal LCD Digital...


Universal LCD Digital Multimeter UNI-T UT51 - Red

Modern digital multimeter with large LCD display that provides a better user experience. Voltage / current / resistance analysis,as well as diode, transistor and continuity tests.

This multimeter complies with IEC61010 standards: in pollution degree 2, overvoltage category (CAT I 1000V, CAT II 600V) and double insulation.

Price €29.90

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