Robot Arms

Robotic arms - robotic arm is one of the basic elements of robotics. They have been massively implemented in production optimization and as such have been one of the first mechanical components of robotics to be so extensively mastered in terms of practical applications. The functionality of the robotic arm fully depends on the number of joints it deploys. In simple terms the more joints the more comprehensive is the action coverage of the space around the arm base thanks to more degrees of freedom. In our offer you will find 4 and 6 axis arms that either come with servo set already or without it - up for your decision. The arms in our offer are fully compatible with Arduino and Raspberry

Robot Arms


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Aluminium Robot 6 DOF Arm...


Aluminium Robot 6 DOF Arm without servo

The 6 DOF black aluminum arm is widely used in the field of teaching, the personal production of IDY and the education of the fanatics, it can be seen as a demonstration platform of multiple degrees of freedom, and its energy system consists of six servomotors, Robot can be achieved before and after, Up and down, left and right to grasp the handling of the presentation. Aluminium Robot 6 DOF Arm without servo features:
- Material: 2mm thick aluminum plate - Color: Black

Price €50.00
Acrylic robot 4 DOF Arm...


Acrylic robot 4 DOF Arm without servo

Robot arm set 4 DOF acrylic with screws and screwdriver for robotics projects.
100% compatible with Arduino.
Acrylic robot 4 DOF Arm without servo features:
- Type: DIY kit robot arm 4 DOF
- Degree: 4 degrees of freedom
- Material: acrylic
- For: 8 years and above
- Weight: ~ 450 g
- Does not include servos but it is imperative to have 4 micro servos sg90 to be able to mount it
More informations:
1. 4 arm axes with more untrammeled and flexible experience.
2. Most of the pieces are integrated in a perforated way at a time, which is very strong and easy to install.
3. All movement joints are using high quality bearings with good precision.

Price €29.00

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