UTP Ethernet cables

UTP Ethernet, Patchcord Ethernet, patch cable or network cable are all names for this popular cable - a local network will not work without it. Network cables are a must for any computer network or computer system, whether at home or in a company. The cables used to connect the end user by installers are also called patch cables or patch cords. Check our offer to find cables in different lengths and colours.

UTP Ethernet cables


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Ethernet Patchcord UTP 5e 1m

Ethernet Patchcord UTP 5e 1m features:
- For Raspberry Pi 2 and Pi 3, B and B +
- HDMI V1.3b cable and full 1080P (category 2) resolution
- Type A male at both ends
- High quality gold shielded connectors
- Manufactured with high quality copper conductors (OFC-Oxygen Free Copper- 99.99%) that guarantees the highest transmission quality
- Refresh rates up to 120Hz
- Length: 50cm
- Quantity: 1 unit


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5m UTP5 Ethernet patch cable

Gray Patchcord UTP CAT5E Ethernet cable 5m length with RJ45 connectors.
5m UTP5 Ethernet patch cable features:

- Connector: RJ45,
- Data transmission at speeds up to 100 Mbps,
- Frequencies: up to 100 MHz,
- Cable length: 5m,
- Cable type: UTP CAT5E 4x2x26AWG EIA / TIA 568B,
- Color: gray.
Carries its RoHS certificate .


Price €4.01

UTP Ethernet Network Cable CAT 5E 1m

Quantity: 1 meter Characteristic: - Temperature range: -20 to 80 degrees centigrade - Max. operating voltage: 60 V (RMS) - Nom. 1 kHz capacity: 15 pf / ft - Max. pulling force: 15.70 kg - Nominal weight (305 m): 8.2 kg - Min. Radius of curvature: 12.7mm Construction and dimensions of the cable: the Conductor: - Material: CCA - Dimensions of the conductor (diameter of a single cable): 0 , 48 mm (24 AWG) - Conductor outer insulation: polyethylene. - Insulated conductor dimensions: 0.89 +/- 0.05 mm External insulation: - Material: PVC - External dimensions cable: 5.0 +/- 0.20 mm


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