Lilypad plates

Lilypad is a unique plate for designing textile projects. You can sew it anywhere and extend its applications to the limit of your imagination. It is perfect for young DIY electronics and maker movement practitioners. So small but so powerful. Based on ATmega 328 controller with Arduino bootloader. The interesting projects of Lilypad you will find in our learning section and blog. We invite you to experiment with this special board!

Lilypad plates


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Lilypad 328 Main Board ATmega328

The LilyPad development card is built with an ATmega 328 microcontroller, which has an Arduino bootloader.
It has a minimum number of components to keep a small size and allow the user a neat job and as small as possible.
LilyPad is designed to be easily integrated into clothing, e-textiles and "Wearables" projects. This card works from 2 to 5V. It presents an automatic reset for even easier programming.
The back of the LilyPad is completely flat.
It has a surface mount programming connector so that the head has a correct contact. Each LilyPad was creatively designed to have large connecting pads that allow it to be cooked to any garment.
Various inputs, outputs, energized forms and sensors are available for use. Lilypad 328 Main Board ATmega328 features:


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Lilypad Arduino compatible USB ATmega32u4 Board

The LilyPad Arduino USB is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega32u4.
It has 9 digital input / output pins (of which 4 can be used as PWM outputs and 4 as analog inputs), an 8 MHz resonator, a micro USB connection, a JST connector for a 3.7V LiPo battery and a power button. restart
It contains everything necessary to support the microcontroller; simply connect it to a computer with a USB cable or a battery to start.
The LilyPad Arduino USB differs from previous LilyPad cards in that the ATmega32U4 has built-in USB communication, eliminating the need for a separate USB to serial adapter. This allows the LilyPad Arduino USB to appear on a connected computer as a mouse and keyboard, as well as a virtual serial / COM (CDC) port.


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Basic Lilypad boards

Lilypad Arduino is based on ATmega 328 (Lilypad Arduino Main Board) - same microcontroller as Arduino Uno with the same bootloader integrated, or ATmega 32U4 (Lilypad Arduino USB) - an upgraded controller that enables control of a USB port onboard of the module. On top of that comes a streamlined version of Lilypad Arduino Simple Board that includes as well a simple charging circuit based on the MCP73831 IC that enables you to use the board directly with the battery rather than sewing in a separate battery holder module. Lilypad boards have from 9 (Lilypad USB and Simple Board) up to 20 (Lilypad Main Board) GPIO. For the basic board, you will need a separate USB-to-serial board for programming. Check out our guide for more detailed comparison of the Lilypad boards.

Lilypad Protsnap boards

Sparkfun has as well introduced a range of Protosnap boards that come in already assembled and connected with LEDs and connectors enabling students to see how the modules function and only after ¨snap¨ them away from the main board, sew in and connect with the thread. Now you can prototype without a breadboard!

Lilypad kits

If you are an educator and want to get an already prepared set of accessories with your board, together with branded guides and original board, consider Lilypad kits. We have one-off kits as well as already prepared sets of 10 kits for the whole class. Additionally, if needed we can work together to develop a custom made set together with you.