The hot bed o heat bed is the base part of the 3D printer. This is where all projects are placed. There are mainly two types of hotbeds - two-point hotbed (with one resistive circuit) and three-point hotbed (with two resistive circuits). Hot bed is necessary for almost every type of filament we are going to use (with exception of PLA, however it is also recommended). In our offer you will find selected best hotbeds on the market at low prices. Consult our technician or forum for more details



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Black Heated Bed MK2B Reprap 3D Printer

Black Heated Bed MK2B Reprap 3D Printer features:

- It can be powered with 12V or 24V current. It has FR4 laminate of 1.6m +- 0.15mm and 2 layers of 35μm copper.
- Measurements: 214x214 mm


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