Sensors enable us to receive signals from the outside world. Technically, sensors are objects capable of receiving a signal, and when this signal reaches the predefined level of sensitivity of the sensor, they are able to send information to the rest of the circuit. Sensors are often used in robotics, as they enable robots to communicate with their environment, be it by vision (light and colour sensor), hearing (sound sensor) or smell (gas sensor). We offer a wide variety of sensors for all applications and price ranges.

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SparkFun MEMS Microphone Breakout - INMP401 (ADMP401) - obsolete

Ever needed a microphone for your project. This tiny little board will fulfill all your needs - it is not only mobile, but as well easy to connect. A low power, efficient, omnidirectional AMP401 microphone has an analog output. It works great for near and long range uses and is particularly suitable for a mobile projects given its extremely low energy consumption. You can use it in a range of applications - we can see it used in smartphones, cameras or electronic nannies.


PMS5003 High Accuracy Particle Concentration Sensor

The sensors can be integrated into a variety of instruments associated with a concentration of airborne particles to improve equipment, provide timely concentration, and have Exact data.
Present the laser that scatters products on airborne particles, at the same time at a specific angle collect scattered light, changing the intensity curve that scatters over time.
The microprocessor uses the algorithm based on the MIE theory to deduce the grain size contained in the air and the concentration of the particles per unit and quantity. Characteristic: - Power supply: 4.5-5.5 VDC
- Measurement range: 0.3-1.0ï¼ ›1.0-2.5ï¼› 2.5-10 µm (micrometer)
- Accuracy of count: 50%@>


Price €23.06

SparkFun Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate Sensor - MAX30101 & MAX32664 (Qwiic)

This tiny little board features two chips from Maxim Integrated: MAX32664 and MAX30101. The 30101 Oximetry module  is the sensor on board responding for both oximetry and heart rate sesnsing. The MAX32664 is equipped with a Cortex M4 handling algorithimc calculations, digital filtering and automatic gain control. The board comes with I2C and SparkFun has provided to it Qwiic connectors for ease of use.


Price €43.79

MH-Z1311A low-power consumption NDIR CO2 sensor

Low power CO2 sensor MH-Z1311A, the current consumption is only 150-200uA, waterproof and anti-corrosion, high sensitivity, additionally characterised by excellent linear output. It is very popular used for battery monitors and IAQ devices.


Price €24.37

Gravity: Analog pH Sensor/Meter Kit V2

DFRobot Gravity: The V2 analogue pH meter is specifically designed to measure the pH of the solution and reflect the acidity or alkalinity. The DFRobot ph sensor is commonly used in various applications such as aquaponics, aquaculture and environmental water testing.

The pH is a value that measures acidity or alkalinity.


Price €47.77

GamePad for micro:bit (V4.0)

GamePad for micro:bit V4.0 adopts a high-precision three-axis analog quantity joystick. The combination of joystick and gamepad allows you to control the direction and speed of Maqueen at the same time. In addition, there are 7 programmable buttons, which means you can explore more interesting functions and more flexible controls. In the latest V4.0 product, we have placed the external battery box on the PCB, which is more convenient to use.


Price €20.62

EMG Muscle Signal Sensor Signal Electromyography

EMG Muscle Signal Sensor Signal Electromyography features:
EMG Muscle signal sensor module kit with 6 disposable electrodes The EMG sensor serves as a bridge to detect small electrical pulses product of
muscle activity and transform them into a signal recognizable by Arduino. NOTE: DO NOT USE THIS SENSOR FOR MEDICAL PURPOSES.
Code Examples: https: //


Price €30.50

Sensor: photoelectric E3Z-T61A 2M OMRON

Photoelectric sensor standard, reliable assurance of 1 million units per year.

· Industry's top class built-in amplifier

· Guaranteed low-temperature operation that can be used in freezing warehouse

· Improvement of coincidence between optical and mechanical axis.

· Protection of sensor even if wiring mistake occurs output reverse protection function is carried (we add diode for reverse connection protection to output line).


Price €70.25

Capacitive Fingerprint Scanner - UART (AD-013) - OBSOLETE

This fingeprint scanner from ADH-Tech combines a highly precise fingerprint sensor module with an onboard MCU and UART interface enabling trivially very connection to any project.

The scanner independently reads and analyses the fingerprint thanks to an MCU algorithm that can send a converted digital signal to a peripheral serial interface for a data read. The onboard MCU algorithm enables operations such as for example a fingerprint enroll.


Micro:bit Tinker Kit for micro:bit - Octopus sensors

Micro:bit Tinker Kit - Create a variety of octopus sensors thanks to the Tinker kit and the many project tutorials to help you create dozens of amazing digital maker projects. Note: the micro:bit board is not included, you can buy it separately. All modules have convenient connectors to use them and no soldering is required.


Regular price €75.95 -€15.00 Price €60.95

Micro:bit Starter Kit

The Microbit Starter kit has provided 24 types of electronic components to help you get started. Micro:bit Starter kit can help your children enter a wonderful electronic world. Note: the micro:bit board is not included, you can buy it separately.


Price €29.67

CJMCU-811 CCS811 Carbon monoxide VOC CO Digital air quality gas sensor

The Carbon Monoxide sensor is a low-power digital gas sensor which has a CCS811 sensor and an 8-bit microcontroller, contains an analog-digital converter so that it can detect indoor air quality which can detect monoxide carbon (CO) and a wide range of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It is a sensor designed to monitor air quality inside personal devices such as mobile devices and smart watches, with low power consumption that can be used with battery


Price €14.83

Smart Science IoT Kit : micro:bit climate sensor kit for IoT learning

ELECFREAKS Smart Science IoT Kit is developed on the basis of loT:Bit, a new breakout board compatible with ultrasonic sensor, dust sensor, light sensor and water level sensor, including RTC Timing and WIFI module. It can build the scene such as air quality monitoring, environmental noise detection, environmental quality monitoring station, automatic watering detection, self-defence monitoring station and more.


Price €61.07

NDIR CO2 Sensor MH-Z14A Carbon dioxide detection

MH-Z14A NDIR infrared gas module is a small size and common type sensor using the non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) principle to detect the existence of CO2 in air, with good selectivity, non-oxygen dependent and long lifetime.


Regular price €24.75 -€6.00 Price €18.75

BME280 Digital Temperature Humidity Barometric Pressure Module

This module includes the component BME280 that is translated into a digital signal.
The equipment uses the two I2C and SPI interfaces. The BME280 does not allow the module to be used as an altimeter as opposed to its successor BMP280.
Its 5-pin straight connector allows easy connection to other electronic boards. BME280 Digital Temperature Humidity Barometric Pressure Module features:
- Interfaces:
- I2C (up to 3.4 MHz)
- SPI (up to 10 MHz)
- Supply voltage: 1.8-5VDC
- Module operating range:
- Temperature: -40ºC to + 85ºC
- Humidity: 0-100%
- Pressure: 300-1100 hPa
- Resolution of the measures:
- Temperature: 0.01ºC
- Humidity: 0.008%
- Pressure: 0. 18Pa
- Accuracy of the measures:
- Temperature: +/>


Regular price €9.88 -€5.00 Price €4.88

DS18B20 Digital Temperature Sensor Probe 10m

Encapsulated with water resistant stainless steel with sensor dimensions 5,5 * 50mm, cable length 10m. DS18B20 Digital Temperature Sensor Probe 10m features:
- Based on the DS18B20 chip
- Supply voltage: 3 ~ 5.5V
- Consumption <5mA
- Measuring Range: -55 °C to 125 °C
- Accuracy: +/- 0,5ºC
- Outputs: - GND black
      - Vcc red
      - Yellow digital output
- Inocidable steel
- Cable length: 10m


Price €12.39

Retro Makecode Arcade For Education

The RETRO Arcade for Education is the first large-screen arcade device with high resolution. Children can use it to fuel their creativity by easily creating their games while having fun playing.


Price €49.50

MQ-3 Alcohol Sensor Module Ethanol Breathalyzer

Ethanol alcohol sensor module.
MQ gas sensor uses a small indoor heater with an electrochemical sensor.
When the alcohol molecules in the air comply with the electrode the ethanol "changes" into acetic acid and then more current is produced.
MQ-3 Alcohol Sensor Module Ethanol Breathalyzer features:
- Main chip: alcohol sensor MQ-3 and comparator LM393
- Working voltage: 5V
- Current: 150mA
- Digital output: TTL 0/1
- Analog output: analog voltage sensing value
- Detection concentration:
- 0.05mg/L - 10mg/L
- Quick response features:
- Adjustable sensitivity with the potentiometer
- Size: 32mm x 20mmx 18mm


Price €2.44

Smart City Kit micro:bit

With the Smart City Kit you will learn more about the IoT, the software, and the possibilities of future city scenes that are able to be built through it. You will be able to build topics such as smart parking, transport network, river level monitoring...


Price €49.42

GY-91 10DOF 4 Sensors in 1 Module with MPU-9250 and BMP280

This small 10-DOF sensor module GY-91 is more compact than the GY-80 module.
The module uses a unique MPU-9250 chip combination with built-in 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer, digital compass and BMP280 enhanced barometric pressure sensor.
The MPU-9250, delivered in a 3x3x1mm QFN package, is the smallest 9-axis MotionTracking device in the world and incorporates the latest InvenSense design innovations, allowing dramatically reduced chip size and power consumption, while improving the performance and the cost. Enhancements include low-power accelerometer mode support with only 6.4μA of and provides improved 16-bit compass data resolution (0.15 μT per LSB).


Price €13.18

micro:bit Smart Health Kit

With the micro:bit Smart Health Kit you will build items such as UV light detections, sitting posture reminder, alcohol detector, smart bin and more, from which we can learn how to program and how to maintain healthy living habits in a scientific way.


Price €49.50

Gravity: Analog Turbidity Sensor For Arduino

The Arduino turbidity sensor SEN0189  detects water quality by measuring turbidity levels. It can detect suspended particles in water by measuring the light transmittance and the scattering coefficient, which changes with the amount of total suspended solids (TTS) in the water.


Price €11.98

SONOFF MS01- Smart Soil Moisture Sensor

MS01 works with SONOFF TH10/16 to accurately measure soil moisture and send data to your mobile phone. MS01 can regularly water and check soil moisture anytime and anywhere to make your flowers grow healthier. This is an accessory used in SONOFF TH10 / TH16.


Price €12.31

Inductive proximity sensor PL-05N 5mm with NPN output

Inductive Proximity Sensor PL-05N NPN Limit Switch is used for controlling machinery as part of a control system, as a safety interlock, or to count objects passing a point. Inductive proximity sensor PL-05N 5mm with NPN output features:
- Manufacturer: Fotek,
- Square Type,
- Sensing distance: 5mm,
- Operating voltage: 10 - 30 VDC,
- Response frequency: 800Hz,
- Output method: NPN, 150mA load,
- Hysteresis: <10% of sensing distance,
- Protection degree: IP67,
- Working temperature/Hum: -20ºC - +80ºC, 35% - 90% RH,
- Body dimension: 30.5x17.9x10.2mm (LxWxH),
- Mounting Method: Flush,
- Sensing Direction: Horizontal,
- Materia Housing: High-impact plastic,
- Screw hole: 3.2mm, Pitch: 10.5mm,


Price €9.83

CO₂ Humidity and Temperature Sensor - SCD40 (Qwiic)

This SparkFun CO2, humidity and temperature sensor incorporates Sensirion's new generation of SCD40 photoacoustic CO2 sensors for highly accurate environmental readings. The sensor is capable of detecting concentrations from 0 to 40000 ppm with high precision above 400-2000 ppm ±(50 ppm+5%). The SCD40 has an integrated CMos® temperature and humidity sensor for greater precision.


Price €60.93

Gravity: I2C BME280 Environmental Sensor

The BME280 is an environmental sensor (SEN0236) integrating a temperature sensor, a humidity sensor and a barometer. Powered from 3.3 V to 5 V with I2C and SPI interface. Measuring range: temperature: -40 °C to 85 °C, humidity: 0 %RH to 100 %RH, pressure: 300 hPa to 1100 hPa.


Price €16.49

Vertical Liquid Level Sensor Switch Double- 400mm

Level sensor for liquids with float. The liquid level sensor acts as a switch. Liquid level float sensors are used when constant control and regulation of the liquid level (water, oil and other fluids) is required such as extraction pumps. The sensor is equipped with a float with a magnet which, acting by the buoyancy force of the fluid, moves along the tube, shortening or opening the reed switch. It can be used to detect liquid levels that are too high or too low. Ideal for all those applications where the level of non-corrosive liquids such as water tanks or aquariums needs to be monitored. It is made of stainless steel.


Price €32.19

M18 Inductive Proximity Sensor

M18 Inductive Proximity Sensor features:
- Inductive proximity sensor detection switch LJ18A3-8-Z / BX
- NPN DC6-36V
- A Often used for 3D printer bed leveling
- Cylindrical cable type DC 3 cable type (black, brown, blue)
- Inductive sensor type
- NPN NO (Normal Open )
- Detecting distance 8mm
- DC supply voltage 6-36V
- Current output 300mA
- Response frequency 0.5KHz
- Detects iron / aluminum - Operating temperature -25 ° C to + 70 ° C (Non-freezing condition)
- Head diameter 18 mm
- Size 6.9 x 2cm
- Cable length 90cm


Price €2.88

E18-D80NK Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module 3-80cm Smart Car

Ideal for projects with ARDUINO, Smart Car
Detects transparent and translucent obstacles
E18-D80NK Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module 3-80cm Smart Car features:
- Current consumption: up to 100 mA
- Supply voltage 5V
- Current consumption <25mA
- Response time of 2 ms
- Measured distance: 3-80cm 15st angle
- Screw to adjust the sensitivity, the back
- Output status led indicator
- Operating temperature: -25°C - + 55°C
- Material: high-strength plastic
- Type of output: normally open, NPN
- Dimensions: 18 mm in diameter, Length 45 mm
- Cable length 55cm
- Departures:
      - Brown: +
      - Blue: -
      - Black: OUT


Price €5.74

Sensor Module ML8511 UV

Sensor Module ML8511 UV features:
- The module converts the photocurrent into voltage to detect UV intensity
- The analog voltage is proportional to UV light detecting
- The has a power saving mode of up to 0.1uA, suitable for smart portable devices or mobile phones for use
- Power supply: 5V
- Analog output
- Captured wavelength: 280-390nm
- Ultra low power consumption
- Meteorological applications, skincare, industrial UV level measurement
- Dimensions of PCB: 30x22mm


Price €4.37

Air quality sensor ZP07-MP503 Gas detection

The ZP07-MP503 air quality module offers high sensitivity with low power consumption and long life. Calibration before shipment from 10 seconds to 3 minutes max. with automatic warm-up function. Automatic fault check.


Price €4.50

Barometric Pressure, Temperature and Altitude Sensor BMP180

Barometric Pressure, Temperature and Altitude Sensor BMP180 features:
- Module based on the atmospheric pressure sensor BMP180
- Supply voltage: 1.8 - 3.6 V
- Energy consumption: 0.5uA
- I2C interface
- Measuring range: 300 - 1100hPa
- Dimensions: 10 x 13 mm
- Includes soldering pins


Regular price €3.21 -€0.59 Price €2.62

Black UV sensor module UVM-30 for Arduino

UVM-30A sensor module suitable for any location and requires stable and precise measurement of UV light.
Ideal for Arduino projects.
Black UV sensor module UVM-30 for Arduino features:
- Operating voltage: 3-5 VDC,
- Voltage input: DC 0-1 VDC,
- 3-pin connector:
- GND (-): ground connection,
- Out: sensor output signal,
- VCC (+): sensor supply,
- Measurement accuracy: +/- 1UV index,
- Working current: 0.06mA (standard) / 0.1mA (max.),
- Response wavelength: 200-370 nm,
- Working temperature: -20ºC - + 85ºC,
- PCB size: 28x12mm.


Price €8.22

DS18B20 Submersible Probe Sensor Temperature

Encapsulated with water resistant stainless steel with sensor dimensions 5,5 * 50mm, cable length 100 cm.
DS18B20 Submersible Probe Sensor Temperature features:
- Based on the DS18B20 chip
- Supply voltage: 3 ~ 5.5V
- Consumption <5mA
- Measuring Range: -55 °C to 125 °C
- Accuracy: +/- 0,5ºC
- Outputs: - GND black
      - Red Vcc
      - Yellow digital output
- Inocidable steel
- Cable length: 1m


Price €1.98

Light Sensor Module BH1750 FVI Arduino and Raspberry compatible

Descripción: Light sensor module to measure light intensity and obtain digital data from it.
Ideal for projects with ARDUINO.
You can use it with PIC, AVR, STM32.
BH1750FVI (Rohm) is used to adjust backlighting of LCD screens and keyboards by manufacturers of mobile phones, digital cameras, navigation and portable gaming devices. Light Sensor Module BH1750 FVI Arduino Raspberry features:
- Chip BH1750FVI
- Supply voltage 3V-5V
- Integrated 16bit AD converter
- Detection range: 0-65535 lx (with an accuracy of 1 lux)
- Interface: II2C
- Low dependence on the light source (eg incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, halogen lamp, white LED, sunlight)
- Dimensions 18.4 x 14 mm


Price €2.47

Silicone Case for HuskyLens

When using the HuskyLens, you may encounter accidental drops, bumps, etc. Now we have carefully designed this silicone case to protect your board.

Note: This product does not include the HuskyLens board.


Price €5.78

HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor Distance Measuring Module

It is very easy to make it work with an Arduino, PIC or any other microcontroller.
In its output pin we will be able to measure the PWM pulse width depending on the distance of the obstacle.
HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor Distance Measuring Module features:
- Supply voltage: 5V (4.5V- 6V)
- Consumption: 30 mA typical, (35 mA max)
- Interface: VCC , GND, Signal
- Range: 2 cm to 3 meters
- Angle 15º
- LED indicator of measurement in progress
- Frequency: 40 kHz for 200 µs - Size: 30mm x 20mm
- Quantity: 1 unit
Useful links for Arduino / Raspberry programming and projects with boards Arduino / Raspberry:
Automatic robot operation with obstacle detection />


Price €1.48

HC-SR501 Motion Detector Module Passive Infrared PIR Sensor

Arduino compatible IR motion detector with a detection range of 7 meters and an operating angle of 120º.
An electric pyro sensor , which can detect infrared radiation levels - detect a change in the average IR levels of your detection zone.
Ideal for projects with ARDUINO, PIC, AVR, STM32. HC-SR501 Motion Detector Module Passive Infrared PIR Sensor features:
- Infrared sensor with control circuit
- Adjustable sensitivity and time
- Operating voltage: 4.5V- 20V
- Consumption in Idle state:


Price €1.48

DS18B20 Waterproof Digital Temperature Sensor Probe 3m

Encapsulated with water resistant stainless steel with sensor dimensions 6 * 50mm, cable length 300 cm. DS18B20 Waterproof Digital Temperature Sensor Probe 3m features:
- Based on the DS18B20 chip
- Supply voltage: 3 ~ 5.5V
- Consumption <5mA
- Measuring Range: -55 ° C to 125 ° C
- Accuracy: +/- 0,5ºC
- Outputs: - GND black
             - Vcc red
             - Yellow digital output
- Inocidable steel
- Cable length: 3m


Price €4.01

Gravity: Analog pH Sensor/Meter Kit

DFRobot Gravity (SEN0161): The analogue pH meter is specifically designed to measure the pH of the solution and reflect the acidity or alkalinity. The DFRobot ph sensor is commonly used in various applications such as aquaponics, aquaculture and environmental water testing. The pH is a value that measures acidity or alkalinity.


Price €37.93

Module TCRT5000 Infrared Sensor IR Tracker Line Obstacle

The optical module sensor (reflective) with comparator LM393, which detects obstacles with high precision.
The ideal obstacle detection detector for the installation of smart robots.
TCRT5000 - reflective optical sensor that has a compact construction where the light emitter and receiver are placed in the same direction to detect the presence of a object using infrared reflection on the object.
The working wavelength is 950nm.
The transmitter is infrared LED and the phototransistor receiver.
By using LM393 comparator the module has a binary output (D0) that is at level 1 (object is detected).
The sensor allows the detection of an object at a distance of up to 12 mm.


Price €1.53

Sensor Module Moisture Earth Water Soil

The module has two outputs: analog A0 and digital D0
Digital output D0 - signal 0 appears or 1 depending on the threshold setting
The threshold is set with the potentiometer
The sensor can be used for example:
Automatic watering for potted plants
With this module you will be able to measure the humidity of the soil, so that you will be able to control the humidity level of the soil of your plants
Operation: 3.3V -5V
- Sensitivity adjustable by potentiometer
- Dual output mode: analog and digital
- Red LED - power indicator
- Green LED - indicator digital switching output
- PCB measurements: 3 x 1.5 cm
- Probe measurements: 6 x 3 cm


Price €1.61

Solar Power Manager 5V

The solar power management module with the CN3065 chip is ideal for IoT (Internet of Things) projects with renewable energy. Compared to the previous version of the module, improvements have been made to the energy management of the connected battery.


Regular price €14.46 -€4.00 Price €10.46

Photoresistor GL5516 LDR

10x Photoresistor 5mm GL5516 LDR 5-10k for Arduino.
Photoresistor is a resistor whose resistance decreases when increasing the intensity of the light that falls on it. 10x Photoresistor GL5516 LDR features:
- Model: GL5516
- Spectral peak: 540nm
- Maximum DC voltage: 150V
- Maximum power: 90mW.
- Resistance with light (10lux): 5-10KΩ
- Resistance with darkness (0lux): 0.5MΩ
- Response time: 20ms
- Operating temperature: -30ºC - 70ºC


Price €0.12

DHT22/AM2302 Temperature Humidity Sensor

The DHT22 humidity sensor is presented in a plastic body ideal for mounting on a panel or similar. It uses a capacitive sensor that returns a digital signal with the measurement.
This sensor, unlike DHT11, is capable of measuring negative temperature values ​​and measures tenths of a degree. DHT22/AM2302 Temperature Humidity Sensor features:
- Voltage Operating: 3 to 5.5 VDC
- Humidity measurement range: 0-100% ± 2% accuracy
- Temperature measurement range: -40ºC to 80ºC ± 0.5º accuracy - Maximum sampling rate: 2 seconds


Price €3.26

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