Potentiometers (or simply variable resistors) are resistors whose value can be adjusted manually. The characteristics you have to take into account are the same as with resistors. In our offer we have a wide range of potentiometers starting with the standard screwdriver knob potentiometers and sliding potentiometers up to horizontal potentiometers. For each of them we also offer trim knobs in different colours. Check our offer below



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Slide Linear Potentiometer 10K OHM kΩ

Slide Linear Potentiometer 10K OHM kΩ features:
- Ideal for application in electronic circuits, MCU. ARM and Arduino projects
- Value: 10k Ohm
- Type: Linear variable resistance
- Tolerance: 20%
- Power: 250mW (1 / 4W)
- Dimensions 90x20 mm
- Analog voltage signal 0 - VCC
- Double outlet OTA, OTB
- Quantity: 1 unit


Price €2.39

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