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Solectroshop is an electronic and robotic shop for amateurs and professionals. Our services cater for schools, companies and individuals

Solectroshop was created in 2015 to offer customers a variety of products related to electronics, DIY material, 3D printers, CNC machines, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, as well as home automation and more. Since then, more than 30,000 people have trusted us, most of them becoming regular customers. Our targets are manufacturers, STEM educational centers, robotics clubs, students and amateurs who need parts for their new projects. We also support companies that need components for the production of various types of electronic products.

Offer and consultation on education program for schools

We are experts in educational robotics with experience of cooperation with multiple schools and educational centers from primary level to universities in Spain and other European countries. We can help you with equipment for your first robotics classes, assist you in selecting systems, courses and products more suitable to the age and knowledge level of your students. How to introduce children to robotics? What types of classes and courses are best for advancing the knowledge of students who have already begun their programming training? We love to share our passion and enthusiasm for robotics and educational electronics. Please contact us with any questions about educational robotics programs while we can supply you with products from brands such as Makeblock, Raspberry Pi, Arduino and many other educational systems.

Unique offer of professional electronics for companies

Sensors, converters, 3D printers of all types, filaments of all categories and brands are just examples of our wide range of professional products for companies and DIY projects. Whether it is for a prototype of an innovative project, a 3D printer project, serial production or any other order, we will help you with the best service and competitive prices together with an unparalleled product offer in the Spanish market. Even if we do not have a product in our offer, let us know and we will try to supply it and introduce it to our portfolio.

Hobbyist offer

Do you love DIY electronics or home automation projects? Are you a 3D printing enthusiast? Solectroshop is a perfect place for you. We offer you a large collection of electronic products for hobbyists as well as a platform to exchange ideas and projects or to find partners for your current projects. Check out our product offerings, courses and tutorials Arduino, Raspberry and 3D printers.

Buy robotics and electronics ✧ Equipment, systems, modules and accessories ✧ Learn automation and electronics ✧ Implement educational robotics, electronics and programming in your school✧ Discover Solectroshop offering!