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En categorías arriba te hemos presentado placas y módulos de Lilypad, pero si quieres crear un proyecto de téxtiles estos productos no van a ser suficientes. Para Lilypad el hilo conductivo es esencial por eso. Con el hilo cada proyecto de wearable ya depende solo de tu imaginación!

Lilypad Accessories


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Lilypad Matching Conductive...


Lilypad Matching Conductive Sewing Thread Wearable

This thread is designed to be used in Wearables projects because it provides a very firm grip on the fabric to be sewn.
What differentiates this thread from another thread is the fact that it is actually spun from this stainless steel fiber. This means that while it may not be easy to weld since it is steel, it also does not burn when you touch it with a soldering iron.
It is suitable for sewing machine (like a bobbin thread) it is particularly tense, which means that it firmly grasps the fabric and is not slippery. Lilypad Matching Conductive Sewing Thread Wearable features:
- Stainless steel fibers
- Resistance: 700 Ohm / m
- Thin and strong thread
- Includes 1 meter of wire

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