Serie Arduino PRO

In this category you will find the most powerful Arduino development boards such as the Arduino Portenta H7 and the Arduino MKR family such as the MKR WAN 1310, MKR FOX 1200, MKR1000 WiFi or the MKR MEM Shield. With the Portenta family, the Arduino goes PRO and can take on cutting-edge projects such as computer vision.

The Arduino MKR series of boards are designed for more advanced projects, especially in IoT, with a 32-bit microcontroller from Atmel, and are smaller than typical Arduino boards.

Serie Arduino PRO


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It is the ideal industrial upgrade for the powerful Arduino Portenta H7 that adds a low power Himax camera, two microphones, Ethernet connectivity and microSD slot, everything you need for the fast creation of cutting-edge ML applications. 


Price €57.90

Arduino Pro PORTENTA H7

This powerful board serves either as an integrated microcontroller or as the main processor, and you can quickly develop robust hardware suitable for industrial applications. This powerful dual-core board incorporates wireless hardware and the ability to run Python and JavaScript.


Price €125.99

Arduino Edge Control

A remote monitoring and control solution, optimised for outdoor environments. Collect real-time data from smart sensors and leverage everything to the edge, in your smart farm management.


Price €216.59

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