Arduino NICLA Voice
  • Arduino NICLA Voice
  • Arduino NICLA Voice
  • Arduino NICLA Voice
  • Arduino NICLA Voice
  • Arduino NICLA Voice

Arduino NICLA Voice


Nicla Voice combines a powerful Syntiant® NDP120 Neural Decision Processor™ (NDP), a high-performance IM69D130 microphone, a BMI270 6-axis intelligent motion sensor, a BMM150 3-axis magnetometer and Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity.

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Nicla Voice makes it easy to implement always-on voice recognition in the periphery, as it integrates Syntiant's powerful NDP120 neural decision processor to run various artificial intelligence algorithms, using advanced machine learning inspired by biology to automate complex tasks.

Nicla Voice is equipped with a complete set of sensors: in addition to a microphone, it has an intelligent 6-axis motion sensor and a magnetometer, making it ideal for predictive maintenance, gesture/voice recognition and contactless applications.

Nicla Voice offers integrated Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity for easy interaction with existing devices and is compatible with Nicla, Portenta and MKR products.

Finally, ultra-low power consumption allows sensor data to be processed 24/7, with the option of stand-alone battery power.

Nicla Voice is the "impossible" combination that makes voice recognition in the periphery possible and easier than ever.

The main advantages are:

  • Powerful processor with integrated deep neural networks in a tiny form factor (22.86 x 22.86 mm).
  • Integrated microphone, magnetometer and intelligent 6-axis IMU
  • Built-in Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity
  • Add voice recognition capabilities to your projects
  • Ultra-low power consumption for uninterrupted sensor data processing
  • Battery-operated and self-contained
  • Compatible with Portenta and MKR products

Exemplary applications - More than just words

Nicla Vision is capable of managing several applications at the same time, recognising different speakers, picking up several words when you wake up and activating keyword tracking at the same time. But that's not all, of course. Nicla Voice can be trained to identify noisy bearings in need of maintenance, broken glass or intruders trying to break in, and much more.




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