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CMOS TTL logic tester

With the logic signal state tester it is possible to detect 0, 1, high impedance states. The indication reading is displayed by means of LEDs. The supply voltage is 5-15V.


Price €15.95

Power socket tester with RCD test function Uni-T UT07B-EU

The UT-07B-EU tester indicates the correct connection of L, N, PE cables in a socket. It also has a function to check the efficiency of residual current devices (RCD). The device is made of resistant plastic, which is very useful during installation work and ensures long-lasting correct operation. Attention! The RCD check is only possible if the phase is on the right-hand side.


Price €14.95

Digital Clamp Meters Uni-T UT202A+

The digital clamp meters are designed according to EN61010-2010 CAT II 600V/CAT III 300V, with overload protection, high reliability, high safety and high accuracy. These meters can be used to measure high voltage frequency, AC/DC current, etc.


Price €34.49

Temperature and humidity meter Uni-T UT333S

The UT333S is a digital temperature and humidity meter with stable, safe and reliable performance in a split design. The split design is ideal for monitoring small and difficult to access air ducts. Measure temperature and humidity in real time with the best UNIT technology!


Price €34.90


Do you want a faster way to control your SONOFF devices?  Now we have a solution for you. Tap the NFC tag with your phone to easily turn on the lights. You can use an NFC tag to control your SONOFF devices in a scene. Each NFC tag can be set to a smart scene. Peel off the NFC tag and stick it on the wall.  You can easily take it with you and use it wherever you want, or stick it on the wall so you can see it at a glance.


Price €4.99