Rechargeable battery 9V 6F22 Li-ion 550 mAh USB-C Ready to Use
  • Rechargeable battery 9V 6F22 Li-ion 550 mAh USB-C Ready to Use
  • Rechargeable battery 9V 6F22 Li-ion 550 mAh USB-C Ready to Use
  • Rechargeable battery 9V 6F22 Li-ion 550 mAh USB-C Ready to Use
  • Rechargeable battery 9V 6F22 Li-ion 550 mAh USB-C Ready to Use

Rechargeable battery 9V 6F22 Li-ion 550 mAh USB-C Ready to Use


Super capacious 9V battery made in Li-ion technology, direct charging possible via USB-C port!

tested capacity - real capacity - min. 500 mAh, battery precharged to max. 30%.

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Rechargeable battery 9V 6F22 Li-ion 550 mAh Ready to Use features:

Proven performance -Real capacity

Rechargeable battery precharged from Next generation made with Ready To Use technology

The highest quality of rechargeable batteries confirmed by numerous tests

  • Type: 6F22 9V, Li-ion,
  • dimensions: 26.4 x 48.5mm,
  • gross set weight: 41g,
  • rechargeable battery weight: 27g,
  • nominal voltage (average): 7.4V,
  • operating voltage (min./max.): 6.0-8.5V,
  • input (for charging):  USB-C 5V DC, 500mA,
  • manufactured in accordance with applicable standards - serious manufacturer - quality guarantee,
  • excellent, flat discharge characteristics,
  • very high capacity - max 550 mAh, minimum 500 mAh - according to IEC 61960-3 (7.3.1),
  • high discharge current >500 mA possible,
  • Quantity: 1 unit

The batteries reach a capacity of 550 mAh, which is very close to the best disposable 9V alkaline batteries. However, our battery has the advantage that it can be recharged several hundred times without any problems, and there is no need for a special charger.

They are suitable for professional applications, including microphones, studio equipment, walkie-talkies, torches, toys, measuring equipment, etc., and due to their very high capacity and similar discharge characteristics, they can be a direct replacement for alkaline batteries.

Ideal for demanding toys, portable multimedia devices, microphones, electric guitars.

The capacity of everActive batteries is similar to alkaline batteries, but they can be recharged many times (even up to 1200x). In addition, the batteries withstand high current discharge much better.

They are also excellent for less typical applications - for paintball grips, ASG where alkaline batteries are not efficient enough.

Battery charging

Rechargeable everActive 9V batteries made in Li-ion technology can be charged with any micro USB charger - the battery has a built-in controller, which ensures safe charging and also electronically protects the whole battery during operation.
The battery is charged via the integrated USB-C socket using any USB charger with the parameters 5V DC and current capacity of min. 500 mA. The maximum charging time using the USB-C socket is approx. 2 hours.
A USB cable and USB power supply are not included.
The battery can also be charged using chargers dedicated to Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, but in this case, charging time may be significantly extended.


Do not change polarity. 
Do not heat the battery, or expose it to high temperatures.

Do not get wet or expose to high humidity environments.

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