Fibersilk Metallic Filament

FiberSilk Metallic is the effect of the hard work of the Fiberlogy team. Their goal has been to create a high quality product that combines exceptional appearance, high strength and ease of printing. FiberSilk Metallic offers exceptional aesthetic properties. They are characterised by a silky metallic shine that highlights every detail of the 3D model and all its folds and curves. Fiberlogy has a wide range of vivid colours, allowing each user to find the one that best suits his or her needs.

The metallic finish makes it easy to mask the boundaries between the layers, making the entire print more uniform and distinctive. Apart from its visual advantages, FiberSilk Metallic also offers greater strength than e.g. PLA. Thanks, among other things, to the high adhesion of the layer, it is able to withstand heavy loads without cracking and subsequently return to its original shape. The filament is both simple and safe to print. For best results with FiberSilk Metallic we recommend that you set a high airflow during printing and reduce its speed. Solectroshop is the official distributor of Fiberlogy.

Fibersilk Metallic Filament


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