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Home automation - Smart Home

Nowadays you can find a multitude of automatic devices for the home. Home automation is an increasingly growing category in our shop, with an offer in both the most basic without the need for knowledge of electronics, as well as more advanced products. For now we offer you several products of cameras, sensors and WiFi and ZigBee controllers. If you have questions or are interested in specific products, let us know and we will try to help you! 

Home automation - Smart Home
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Sonoff BasicR2 WiFi Wireless Smart Switch

SONOFF BasicR2 v2.2 Intelligent Switch offers you perfect intelligence control solutions for your home or workplace.
By using the wireless control of the free "eWeLink" application, it helps simplify your life so easily.
You can check the status of your appliance at any time and in any place, and control it by simply clicking on your smartphone or tablet through APP eWeLink, without limitation of time and distance. WI-FI Intelligent Remote Control Switch Sonoff features:
- Enclosure material: Flame retardant ABS
- Security: WPA / WPA2
- Power supply: 90 - 250V
- Max. Current: 10A
- Max. Power: 2200W,
- Establish schedules for automatic control:
      - It has unique, repetitive and countdown timers that you can use to control the on />


Regular price €7.43 -€1.00 Price €6.43

Waterproof RS232 IP66 HD Camera

IP66 Waterproof Infrared HD digital camera.
Waterproof RS232 IP66 HD Camera features:

- Supply voltage: 5 VDC,
- RS232 serial connection,
- Protection index: IP66,
- Includes a female SUB-D9 connector,
- Latest digital signal processing technology,
- Image stabilization technology,
- Automatic adaptation to digital noise reduction,
- HD PTC01 color infrared camera,
- Color: silver.


Regular price €43.79 -10% Price €39.41

SONOFF BASICZBR3 DIY Smart Switch ZigBee obsolete

SONOFF D1 Smart Dimmer Switch is a smart switch that offers intelligent control solutions for lights and other devices, perfect for your home or workplace. It is the first SONOFF ZigBee "Do-It-Yourself" (DIY) smart switch that connects to SmartThings to control all connected devices through the SmartThing app on iOS / Android devices. 


Price €12.14

Shelly 1

Shelly 1 is a universal smarthome relay enabled to work with all the key smart home systems, including Google Home and Amazon Alexa, as well as an original Shelly solution Shelly Cloud


Price €12.36

Tuya Wifi Smart garage door opener

Tuya Wifi Smart garage door opener is a garage door controller with built-in limit switch. Remote Control via APP and Voice Control with assistants like Google Assistant or Alexa.


Price €22.31

SONOFF ZBBridge - Smart Zigbee Bridge - Obsolete

The SONOFF ZigBee Bridge is the heart of the smart home that allows you to remotely manage a variety of ZigBee devices and sensors to monitor and control the home. Interact with all your Sonoff devices, both WiFi and ZigBee, thanks to this bridge.


Price €15.69

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