• SONOFF S-MATE Switch Mate
  • SONOFF S-MATE Switch Mate
  • SONOFF S-MATE Switch Mate
  • SONOFF S-MATE Switch Mate
  • SONOFF S-MATE Switch Mate
  • SONOFF S-MATE Switch Mate



Sonoff S-Mate works as a three-channel remote control, a transmitter that works with the Mini R3. Smart lights are disconnected when the switch is off? No neutral wire in the mounting box? Now S-MATE can help you solve this problem.

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Smart lights are disconnected when the switch is off? No neutral wire in the mounting box? Now, S-MATE can help you solve this problem.

Sonoff S-Mate transmitter that pairs with the Sonoff Mini R3.

S-Mate radio transmitter module that we pair with the Sonoff Mini R3. We connect an ordinary classic light switch to the S-Mate module, an S-Mate module supports a maximum of 3 switch buttons.

The Sonoff Mini R3 is the most ordinary Wifi controlled relay that requires L and N lines to operate, but it has an important feature: a radio receiver that allows it to work with the S-Mate module.

MINI R3 is a small body with powerful functions, the maximum charging current can be up to 16A which make it a powerful solution for your appliances. Just tell your needs out, the smart device can do what you want to do. With the sync status in eWeLink App, your worry about leaving appliances on at home is no longer a concern. Just pull out your phone and tap on it.

S-MATE is battery operated, so it does not require a neutral wire in the mounting box. S-MATE is suitable for almost any type of switch, replace your current switch with a smart switch. S-MATE can connect the ordinary 1/2/3 button wall switch acting as a remote controller. After pairing with MINI R3, it can be controlled locally by S-MATE through "eWeLink-Remote" signal, and activate other smart devices in the smart scene. The working distance of "eWeLink Remote" is up to 50M in open spaces.

MINI R3 and S-MATE have been tested for safety and meet the requirements of international regulations, as TÜV certification and FCC&CE certification ensure high confidence, quality and safety.

The Sonoff Mini R3 in this circuit acts as a Gateway -

passing signals from the S-Mate, to the cloud, which we can then use to create scenes.

The power signals are not only used to control the Sonoff Mini R3 with which the S-Mate is paired, but we can use them freely.

Compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant

Sonoff S-Mate works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant! And with just a few clicks, it does:

  1. Press eWeLink in the Alexa app or Smart We Link in Google Home App.
  2. Enter your password and account details in eWeLink
  3. All devices compatible with voice control will appear in your app, just name them and you are ready to control them with Alexa!



  • MINIR3 Output 100-240V~50/60Hz 16A Max.
  • MINIR3 Max load 3500W
  • Reception distance "eWeLink Remote" Up to 50M in open space
  • MINIR3 Android and iOS operating systems
  • MINIR3 Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11/b/g/n 2.4GHz
  • MINIR3 Housing material PC V0
  • MINIR3 Dimension 54x45x24mm
  • S-MATE Power supply 3Vx1 button cell battery
  • Working distance "eWeLink Remote" Up to 50M in open space
  • S-MATE Battery model CR2032
  • S-MATE Working temperature -10°C~40°C
  • S-MATE Housing material PC V0
  • S-MATE Dimension 51×44,5x24mm

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