USB Cables

We are all familiar with USB cables from their frequent use in everyday life. In DIY electronics they play a specifically important role. Even the connections between Arduino devices and the computer are operated via USB. In this category you will find both standard USB cables, as well as USB to USB mini adapters including the super popular blue cable for Arduino.

USB Cables


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LED 20/24 Pin PSU ATX SATA HDD Power Supply Tester PC Computer

LED 20/24 Pin PSU ATX SATA HDD Power Supply Tester PC Computer features:
- The power supply tester is a robust voltage, tester for PC-Power
supply, protect your computer from damage
- Voltage source: 20 / 24PIN (ATX Connector)
- Green Indicator light = Power is OK
- Voltage Test: + 12V, -12V + 5V, -5V + 3.3V, 5V STAND BY (SB), POWER GOOD (PG)
- Easy use, the operation instruction on the face of tester
- Connectors: Floopy, HDD, CDROM, SATA, 4PIN (P4), 8PIN, 6PIN


Price €7.84

USB cable Type A-B 180cm grey

USB 2.0 gray AM-BM cable, length 1.8m, with USB A and USB B connectors .
USB cable Type A-B 180cm grey features:
- 4 conductors,
- Injected plastic housings,
- Connectors: USB A (6 pins) USB B (4 pins),
- Cable length: 1.8m,
- Compatible USB Version 1.1,
- USB Version 2.0 Certificate,
- Color: gray.
It carries your RoHS certificate.


Price €2.36

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