To build a circuit or to join two electronic elements together, connectors are needed. For all categories of electronics there is a multitude of different connectors: banana plugs, USB connectors, clamp connectors and many, many more. Search specifically for the connector you need in our search bar. If you need something you can't find, check out our technical support.



  • Power supply

    You can find power connectors to supply power to your 3D printer, machine or circuit. Check out the wide range below:

  • Bananas and Clamps

    Banana plugs, clamps and crocodiles are indispensable connectors especially for test leads and measuring devices - check out our range of different sizes and colours!

  • PCB Terminals - Screw terminals

    Screw terminals for PCB mounting for fast and secure wired connections. These screw terminals are the most convenient to use for DIY projects.

  • BL connectors (Dupont type)

    The most typical connector for Dupont cables and connections, well known for being the terminals of jumpers or jumper cables.

  • SUB-D connectors

    D-SUB connectors are generally used to connect computers to various peripherals.

  • IDC flat cable

    Connectors for all types of flat cables. Search the offer and find everything you need for your project. IDC stands for insulation-displacement connector. The IDC connector is an electrical connector designed to be connected to a conductor (or conductors).

  • Jack

    The analogue audio connector Analogue signal jack is used to connect microphones, headphones and other analogue signal systems to electronic devices for power but mostly audio.

  • PCB modules

    Connectors on board, to facilitate DIY projects.

  • Polarized PH

    Wide range of PHR2, PHR3 male and female polarised connectors with matching terminals.

  • Pin strips - Strip of Pins

    We have pin strips in different lengths (40, 20, 16, 8, 6, 5, 4, etc), both male and female, and in different colours and shapes.

  • RJ-45

    RJ-45 or Jack type 45 is a very popular connector known from modem applications. It looks like the Ethernet Connector but due to its construction and an additional pin it does not fit into the Ethernet socket.

  • USB

    The Universal Serial Bus (BUS), better known by the acronym USB, is a communications bus that follows a standard defining the cables, connectors and protocols used on a bus to connect, communicate and provide power between computers, peripherals and electronic devices.

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Female DC Power Connector...


Female DC Power Connector Jack 2.1x5.5mm

Jack connectors 2.1mm inside and 5.5mm outside to power devices such as LED strips, CCTV (Cameras), Arduino. Female DC Power Connector Jack 2.1x5.5mm features:
- Ideal for connecting without welding
- It has two screws in the tip for positive and negative cable screwdriver

Price €0.49
Adapter Battery 9V 6F22...


Adapter Battery 9V 6F22 Jack Connector DC

Ideal to power your Arduino board through the power input.
Adapter Battery 9V 6F22 Jack Connector DC features:
- Cable 7cm long
- Battery connector 9V, 6F22
- Male connector DC 5.5 / 2.5

Price €0.99
Crocodile Banana Connector...


Crocodile Banana Connector Medium Black

It is used to pass the current, power electrical and electronic circuits, fans, motors, among others. Crocodile Banana Connector Medium Black features:
- Color: black
- Total length: 53 mm
- Includes 1 unit

Price €0.39

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