ABS Filaments

ABS filaments are characterised by their durability, high shrinkage during the printing process, melting point of 210-250°C and characteristic odour. ABS is more matt than PLA and its colours are less intense. These filaments are used to create functional prototypes, elements with high mechanical and thermal resistance. Used in industry, in the production of furniture elements, sports equipment and Lego blocks. EASY ABS brings you closer to easier printing with ABS features without the need for specialised 3D printers (no closed chamber).

ABS Filaments
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Conductive ABS Filament...


Conductive ABS Filament Black 1.75mm 1kg

Conductive ABS Filament Black 1.75mm 1kg features:
- Premium Coil for 3D Printer
- 1000g coil
- Extrusion temperature: 210ºC - 250ºC
- Recommended temperature for hot bed / Hot Bed 100 °C - 110 °C
- Anti-static filament
- Resistivity 1000 - 100000 Ohm    

Price €24.85

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