Motion components

Parts for 3D printers are essential for the correct functioning of the entire mechanism. Wheels, washers, springs and blocks - each part plays an important role in the correct functioning of the machine. Parts for 3D printers available in Solectroshop's offer include both modern technological solutions and replacement elements. Bearings, heads, extruders and pinions - we provide you with everything you need. Parts for 3D printers from Solectroshop are products that are perfectly adapted to the needs of advanced devices. In our product range you will find not only the necessary equipment to optimise the control of your 3D printing machines, but also mechanical parts that are especially important for the service life of your machine.

Motion components


  • Mechanics

    Mechanical accessories and elements of 3D printers that are essential to its functioning. In this category, you will find belts, springs, supports and many other small elements your printer won´t work without

  • Chains

    In FDM printers hanging cables are often exposed to range of external factors that can severely impact the condition of the cable. For that very reason, cable protectors can be used to save the cable from any negative effects. In our offer you can find, different dimensions of protectors to fit any of you potential requirements

  • Couplers

    Couplers are 3D printer parts that connect the motor to the spindles. Couplers are usually made of aluminium. Their most important feature is their dimensions, so different printers have very different parameters. In our offer we have flexible couplers from 5x5mm to 10mm, pneumatic connectors and much more. See the offer below and our content pages if you have any questions.

  • Spindles

    Spindles are the essential parts of every 3D printer. They are long screws whose first applications date back to presses and milling machines. It provides the specific mechanism of operation for vertical movement of 3D printers. It also includes the nut that is screwed on its linear axis when the spindle rotates. In our offer we have trapezoidal spindles of various dimensions. Please contact us if you have any questions

  • Pulley

    Pulleys, like spindles and couplers, are essential elements of a 3D printer's motion mechanism. Pulleys are traction devices that transmit force. The most basic example of pulleys is seen in cranes. In a 3D printer, pulleys play the same role. As with other motion components, it is very important to select a pulley that matches the rest of your 3D printer. To do this, check the number of teeth, bore dimensions and outside diameter so that the pulley matches the belt you use.

  • Bearings

    Bearings are an integral part of a 3D printer and work in conjunction with couplers. They are necessary to reduce friction when rotating the spindle. They are usually made of steel in the housing material and plastic in the inner bearing. Check out our offer of bearings with a variety of dimensions and shapes.

  • Wheels

    The wheels are used in 3D printers to ensure precision of movement. Find V-groove and double V-groove wheels in our offer and consult forum and content pages if you have questions.

  • Supports

    Wide range of linear shaft holders from 8mm to 12mm for a variety of printers including Reprap Varilla printers.

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GT2 Strap Kit 2m + Pulley...


GT2 Strap Kit 2m + Pulley GT2 16 Teeth pack 2pcs

GT2 Strap Kit 2m + 2x Pulley GT2 16 Teeth 6mm features:
- Number of teeth: 16
- Pitch: 2mm
- Material: aluminum alloy
- Outside diameter: 13mm
- Inner hole: 5mm
- Use with strap: 6mm
- GT2 strap made of rubber with fiberglass reinforced
- Length 2m
- Width: 6mm
- Belt height: 1.38 mm Ideal to fix on the axis of the motors of your 3D printer.

Regular price €10.88 -€4.57 Price €6.32
Cable Chain 10x10 1m for 3D...


Cable Chain 10x10 1m for 3D CNC Printer

Cable Chain 10x10 1m for 3D CNC Printer features:
- Suitable for movements where cable displacement or twisting is needed, where cable protection is needed - Easy for installation And maintenance; Low noise, high speed wear resistant movement - The cable structure has been widely used in CNC machine tools, electronic equipment, fire fighting machinery and equipment, stone machinery, machinery glass, doors and windows of machines, injection molding machines, robots, overweight transport equipment, automated warehouses - Interior widths 10x10mm
- Exterior measurement 15x20mm
- Material: reinforced series polyamide
- Length: 1m
- Quantity: 1 unit

Price €10.49
Micro Bits for 3D Printer...


Micro Bits for 3D Printer Nozzle pack 10pcs

Kit of Micro Steel Drill Bits to eliminate jams in nozzles of 3D printers, CNC
- Diameter: 0.2 / 0.3 / 0.4 mm
- Shank diameter approx. 3,2mm
- Total length approx. 38mm
- Material: Steel
- Quantity: 10 units
- High quality drill bits for making custom nozzles or cleaning block nozzles
- 3D printer bits - Drilling and cleaning of nozzles - 0.2 0.3 0.4 mm - RepRap

Price €5.99
T8 R2 50cm Spindle Kit with...


T8 R2 50cm Spindle Kit with Bearing Support, Nut and Coupler

T8 R2 50cm Spindle Kit with Bearing Support, Nut and Coupler features:

- With bearing bracket, nut, coupler for CNC 3D Printer
- T8 spindle
- Type: Trapezoidal screw
* Diameter: 8mm
* Tooth distance: 2mm * Lengths: 500 mm
- Coupler 5mm / 8mm
* Material: Aluminum alloy

Price €21.95
Linear Bearing LM8UU 8mm...


Linear Bearing LM8UU 8mm Ball Bearing for 3D Printer

Linear Bearing LM8UU 8mm Ball Bearing for 3D Printer RepRap Prusa features:

- Measurements:
* Internal diameter: 8mm
* External diameter: 15mm
* Length: 24mm
- Enclosure material: anti-corrosion chrome steel
- Inner support material: technical plastic

Price €1.99
Flexible Coupler 5mm/5mm...


Flexible Coupler 5mm/5mm Z-axis CNC 3D Printer

Flexible Coupler 5mm/5mm Z-axis CNC 3D Printer features:
- High quality flexible aluminum coupler with which you can connect Nema 17, 5mm stepper motors to a 5mm threaded rod
- They incorporate 4 captive screws so that you can perfectly fix the couplings to the rod
- Material: Aluminum alloy
- Coupler height (L): 25 mm
- Outside diameter: 18mm
- Shaft diameter: 5mm

Price €1.99

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