Medical sensors

Not only medical devices have advanced substantially over the last few years, but they have also become much more affordable for the individual user. Both muscle tension and pulse sensors can be found in our offer.

Medical sensors


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EMG Muscle Signal Sensor Signal Electromyography

EMG Muscle Signal Sensor Signal Electromyography features:
EMG Muscle signal sensor module kit with 6 disposable electrodes The EMG sensor serves as a bridge to detect small electrical pulses product of
muscle activity and transform them into a signal recognizable by Arduino. NOTE: DO NOT USE THIS SENSOR FOR MEDICAL PURPOSES.
Code Examples: https: //


Price €30.50

Heartbeat sensor for Arduino

This detection module combines a phototransistor and an LED that, when placed on a finger or ear lobe, provides a reading.
By reading this signal you can interpret a change in the signal as a heartbeat.
Keep in mind that this is a sensitive module and you will experience the noise from home lights and other sources, since minimizing the lighting of the unit will help get the readings.
Heartbeat sensor Arduino features:
- Connection pins:
- S: Analog output
- (+): Power supply 3-5 VDC,
- (-): GND.
- Length: 18mm,
- Width: 18mm,
- Height: 4mm,
- Operating temperature: -40ºC to + 85ºC.


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Advancer Technologies MyoWare Muscle Sensor

This sensor from Advancer Technologies is an improved version of the bestseller from this producer. It got several upgrades including single supply voltage of 3.1V up to 5V, polarity protection in the power pins output and RAW EMG. 


Price €62.39

SparkFun Biomedical sensor pad set 10pcs

This a pack of 10 disposable electrodes is for biomedical measuring including EEG. Best suited for monitoring of neuro- and bio-feedback purposes. These are a single use, however very user friendly thanks to the latex-free gel.

This is not a medical device and is to be used for strictly educational purposes.


Price €10.70

SparkFun Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate Sensor - MAX30101 & MAX32664 (Qwiic)

This tiny little board features two chips from Maxim Integrated: MAX32664 and MAX30101. The 30101 Oximetry module  is the sensor on board responding for both oximetry and heart rate sesnsing. The MAX32664 is equipped with a Cortex M4 handling algorithimc calculations, digital filtering and automatic gain control. The board comes with I2C and SparkFun has provided to it Qwiic connectors for ease of use.


Price €43.79

Digital finger pulse oximeter ZM-700-0

With this small and simple device, you can control your blood oxygen level yourself to avoid going to the doctor or pharmacy on purpose. Simply insert your finger and wait for the reading of haemoglobin (Spo2), heart rate and Perfusion Index (PI%). The heart rate is also graphically displayed. 

You can rotate the screen to see it in its 4 positions. High precision device, with low power consumption and automatic shutdown. 


Price €16.45

Heart Rate Oximetry Sensor Module for Arduino MAX30100

This detection module that allows you to detect your heart rate and blood oxygen level from your Arduino project. You can monitor your blood oxygen level yourself to avoid going to the doctor or pharmacy on purpose. Simply press the sensor with your finger and wait for the reading of hemoglobin (Spo2), heart rate and Perfusion Index (PI%). It is a solution as an integrated heart rate sensor and pulse oximetry, which includes two LEDs, a photodetector and is optimized for analog low noise optics.


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MyoWare Cable Shield

This Shield provides a 3.5mm connector where you can connect a three-electrode sensor cable, allowing you to test and use the MyoWare muscle sensor without actually connecting it to your person.


Price €5.36

MyoWare Power Shield

MyoWare Power Shield is designed to use two standard CR2032 coin cell batteries to power the MyoWare muscle sensor. These will be connected in parallel for extended capacity at a nominal 3.0V.


Price €5.36

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