Medical sensors

No solo dispositivos medicos han avanzado sustancialmente durante últimos años, pero también se hicieron mucho más alcanzables para usuario individual. Tanto los sensores de tensión muscular como del pulso puedes encontrar en nuestra oferta

Medical sensors


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EMG Muscle Signal Sensor...


EMG Muscle Signal Sensor Signal Electromyography

EMG Muscle Signal Sensor Signal Electromyography features:
EMG Muscle signal sensor module kit with 3 disposable electrodes The EMG sensor serves as a bridge to detect small electrical pulses product of
muscle activity and transform them into a signal recognizable by Arduino. NOTE: DO NOT USE THIS SENSOR FOR MEDICAL PURPOSES.
Code Examples: https: //
Price €31.85
Heartbeat sensor for Arduino


Heartbeat sensor for Arduino

This detection module combines a phototransistor and an LED that, when placed on a finger or ear lobe, provides a reading.
By reading this signal you can interpret a change in the signal as a heartbeat.
Keep in mind that this is a sensitive module and you will experience the noise from home lights and other sources, since minimizing the lighting of the unit will help get the readings.
Heartbeat sensor Arduino features:
- Connection pins:
- S: Analog output
- (+): Power supply 3-5 VDC,
- (-): GND.
- Length: 18mm,
- Width: 18mm,
- Height: 4mm,
- Operating temperature: -40ºC to + 85ºC.
Price €7.25

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