Arduino protection boxes

When you have finished your Arduino project and you want to secure and protect it for future use, you will need a container to do so. The prototype box is perfect for that. We have in our offer waterproof plastic boxes that will satisfy the needs of every project

Arduino protection boxes


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Acrylic Box for Arduino...


Acrylic Box for Arduino Mega2560

Protection box for Arduino Mega2560 made with high quality acrylic material. Arduino Mega2560 Acrylic Box features:
- Compatible with Arduino Mega2560
- Material: transparent acrylic
- External dimensions: 112x 65x 18mm
Price €1.91
Transparent Acrylic Box R3...


Transparent Acrylic Box R3 for Arduino Uno

Protection box for Arduino UNO R3 made of high quality acrylic material. Arduino Uno Transparent Acrylic Box R3 features:
- Compatible with Arduino UNO
- Material: transparent acrylic
- External dimensions: 80x 65x 18.5mm

Price €1.95
Arduino compatible UNO R3...


Arduino compatible UNO R3 board + transparent acrylic box DIY

The kit includes the UNO R3 Arduino compatible board and DIY protection box. UNO R3 Arduino board compatible has an Atmega328P chip running at 16Mhz with factory loaded bootloader. The module has all the connectors as the Arduino Uno R3 and is compatible with all Arduino shields. DIY protection box for Arduino UNO R3 made of high quality acrylic material.

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Broad offering of protection boxes

In Solectroshop, we have a broad offering of protection boxes for all kinds of Arduino boards from Arduino Uno through Leonardo to Arduino Mega. If you can´t see a product you are searching for try to reach out to us and we might have not yet introduced it to the offering, but have it on the stock. The same goes for an offering of professional boxes, which we incrementally develop together with the new line of Arudino Portenta boards