Fluid level sensors

Sensores de nivel para líquidos normalmente conten con un flotador que mide el nivel del fluido en cual esta sumergido. El sensor de nivel de líquido actúa como un interruptor. El estado se cambia por medio de un imán ubicado en el flotador. Se puede usar para detectar niveles de líquido demasiado altos o demasiado bajos.

Fluid level sensors


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Vertical Liquid Level...


Vertical Liquid Level Sensor Switch

Level sensor for liquids with float.
The liquid level sensor acts as a switch. The state is changed by means of a magnet located on the float. It can be used to detect liquid levels that are too high or too low.
Ideal for all those applications where it is necessary to control the level of non-corrosive liquids such as water tanks, aquariums.
- Maximum Load: 50W
- Maximum Switching Voltage: 250V
- Maximum Switching Current: 0.5A
- Maximum charging current: 1A
- Operating temperature: -10ºC to + 60ºC
- Size: 58mm x 18mm

Price €2.17
Water Level Sensor Module...


Water Level Sensor Module One Mega Pic

Easily convert water level to analog signal
The analog output signal can be read directly on the Arduino board
- Operating voltage: 3.3V -5 V
- Consumption: less than 20 mA - Sensor type: Analog
- Operating temperature: 10º C -30º C
- Detection area: 40 mm x 16 mm
- Dimensions: 60 mm x 20 mm

Price €1.36

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