Components for assembly

Do you have the whole project already set up and programmed? However, you still have to prepare it mechanically. Batches, heat shrink tubing, flanges - everything you may need to assemble and secure mechanical parts of your project. It is a minor but important part of every project.

Components for assembly


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Heat Shrinkable Tube 5...


Heat Shrinkable Tube 5 Colors 3 Meters Package

Heat Shrinkable Tube 5 Colors 3 Meters Package features:
- Heat shrink tubing is used to connect electrical cables, isolate resistor and capacitor points, mark and protect cables Electrical, protect metal bars or tubes against corrosion and protect antennas.
- These heat shrink tubes are very flexible and of high quality. Made in EU
- Different sizes of 20 cm each are delivered:
* 1,6mm: black, brown, red, yellow, orange
* 2,4mm: black, brown , red, yellow, blue
* 3,2mm: black, brown, red, yellow, blue
- Quantity: 15 units
- Material: polyolefin
- Shrinkage ratio: 2: 1 (maximum reduce to 1/2 of its supplied diameter)
- Minimum shrinkage temperature: 115 ° C maximum 200 ° C

Price €1.95
25x Adhesive Base for Nylon...


25x Adhesive Base for Nylon Flanges

This product is a 20x20mm extra strong adhesive base for nylon flanges 2.5mm up to 9mm wide. Its great fixing power prevents you from drilling.
Sold for 10 units. Characteristic: - Extra strong adhesive
- Material: Nylon, polyamide
- For flanges 2.5mm up to 9 mm wide
- Color: White
- Size: 20x20 mm
- Includes 25 units

Price €0.11

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