Components for assembly

Do you have the whole project already set up and programmed? However, you still have to prepare it mechanically. Batches, heat shrink tubing, flanges - everything you may need to assemble and secure mechanical parts of your project. It is a minor but important part of every project.

Components for assembly


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Heat Shrinkable Tube 5 Colors 3 Meters Package

Heat Shrinkable Tube 5 Colors 3 Meters Package features:
- Heat shrink tubing is used to connect electrical cables, isolate resistor and capacitor points, mark and protect cables Electrical, protect metal bars or tubes against corrosion and protect antennas.
- These heat shrink tubes are very flexible and of high quality. Made in EU
- Different sizes of 20 cm each are delivered:
* 1,6mm: black, brown, red, yellow, orange
* 2,4mm: black, brown , red, yellow, blue
* 3,2mm: black, brown, red, yellow, blue
- Quantity: 15 units
- Material: polyolefin
- Shrinkage ratio: 2: 1 (maximum reduce to 1/2 of its supplied diameter)
- Minimum shrinkage temperature: 115 ° C maximum 200 ° C


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Heat shrink tubing set 10cm 100unds

High quality and very flexible heat shrink tubing. Available in different sizes (1.5mm, 2.5mm, 4mm, 6mm, 10mm and 13mm) in six colours (black, white, red, yellow, yellow, green, blue), each 10 cm long.


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