Inductors, also known as coils or reactors, are passive components that accumulate energy in the form of a magnetic field. Connected with the capacitor they create a resonant circuit (LC oscillator) - one of the most basic circuits in electronics. Inductors without a magnetic core are called solenoids and inductors stored by direct current are called electromagnets. Inductors are an important part of our offer. Please contact us with specific questions or requests.



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10x Fixed Lead Inductor 1μH - 10%

Fixed lead inductor with high current, high reliability and low resistance 1 µH.
10x Fixed Lead Inductor 1μH - 10% features:
- Fixed Inductor 1 µH - Tolerance: 10%
- Axial lead power inductor,
- UL Polyolefin Retraction Tube Lead Inductor,
- Leaded inductor with ferrite core,
- AC line filters,
- Air core coil,
- Common mode shock coils,
- Radial impact inductors,
- Armored radial obstruction,
- Toroidal coil,
- Ferrite beads,
- Broadband chokes.


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