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Cables de alimentación son elementos muy básicos de todas manera muy útiles en cada taller. En nuestra oferta cables de alimentación para ordenadores.

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Computer power cable 16A -...


Computer power cable 16A - 250V white 1.8m

ESO-120330 16A - 250V power cable with a female C13 connector on one end and a male Schuko on the other, with a length of 1.8 meters made in white color.
Power cable used in devices such as computers and electronic equipment.
This Cable allows devices to be powered directly into the current.
Computer power cable 16A - 250V white 1.8m features:
- Connector: C13 female,
- Complies with standard: ESO-120330,
- Payroll voltage: 230 VAC,
- Maximum voltage: 250 VAC,
- Maximum current: 16A,
- Cable length: 1.8m,
- Cable type: H05VV-F 3G0.75mm2 ,
- Color: white.
It has its RoHS certificate.
Price €2.49

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