Resin DLP 3D Printers

Resin printers offer superior precision and quality of execution at increasingly affordable price points. At the moment, we offer DLP type printers i.e. using a digital projector on a screen to work each layer across the entire platform at once. Domestic resin projects are usually much more precise than in the case of filament printers, but still with less physical resistance. Check our offer and ask our technician and forum if you have any technical questions.

Resin DLP 3D Printers


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3D Creality Printer LD-001 DLP LCD

Creality 3D printer designed to print elements with dimensions of maximum 120 x 120 x 70 mm. The dimensions of the printer construction are 360 x 240 x 220 mm. The printer uses UV technology and light-curing liquid resin. The printer allows applications, e.g. in architecture, dental models, etc.


Price €351.24

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