1. CHANGES: Online Shop will not be able to substitute a product without previous authorization of the client. When, for reasons beyond the control of both parties, the customer is unable to dispose of the product purchased, he may cancel the order,, will provide him with a check redeemable for any article available in the store with a limit of one month, from the date on which he does not accept the change, in one or more purchases, deducting the amounts from the check, unless the customer requests a refund of the amount to be made by transfer to the account indicated by him.    
  2. ORDER CANCELLATION: If the purchaser decides unilaterally to cancel the order placed, Tienda Online will exchange the amount paid for a cheque of the same value, which can be exchanged for any product you wish within one year of the date of cancellation, unless the customer requests a refund, which will be made by bank transfer to the account you provide. If the reason for the cancellation is not related to the Online Shop, the amount to be paid will be reduced by the commissions charged (if any) for the payment method selected by the customer. If at the time of cancellation the order has already been confirmed and/or shipped, the customer will be responsible for any handling and shipping costs incurred.
  3. RETURNS: In the case of products in perfect condition, the customer may make the return within 14 working days after the sale,, will redeem the amount of the return requested by a check for the same amount, redeemable within a maximum of one month from the date of receipt of the return, for any product of equal amount, higher or lower with consequent payment / payment of the difference. If the customer prefers the refund, it will be made by bank transfer to the indicated account. If the reason for the return is not related to, the commissions charged, if any, by the means of payment chosen by the customer will be deducted from the refund, as well as any promotions or discounts applied to the product being returned. Returns of merchandise will not be admitted after 14 working days, from the reception of the product, except for some circumstances, which will be provided a check to be compensated with future purchases. The expenses caused by the return of the product will be charged to the customer, except when the cause of the return is defective products. The buyer will be responsible for the direct costs of the return and the damages that the product presents.
  4. For the acceptance of the return, the products will have to conserve their original packing and all their accessories, they will be able to be sent to the direction and to the attention of the person who is specified next:

Step 1. RMA Request You must send us an email to, requesting the return.

Step 2. Assignment of Return Number The returns management department will reply to the mail from which the return request arrived, assigning you a number and informing you of the procedure to follow for the shipment.

Step 3. Identification of the package: The package must be identified with the return number visible and by the procedure indicated by the returns department to Solectroshop s.l. c/Padre Tomás de Montañana 22-1C, 46023 Valencia Spain Step 4. Checking the material: Once the correct state of the returned items has been verified after the appropriate checks, the returns department will accept the return and inform the customer by e-mail. To accept the return, it will be a requirement to attach the invoice or proof of purchase.

The return of the following products will not be admitted:

- Products that are not in perfect condition, with their original packaging and original accessories, products that have been manipulated, damaged, or have been used negligently by the customer.

- Computer programs that have been unsealed by the buyer, as well as computer files that have been supplied electronically.

- Consumable products, software, video films, video games and other similar products that can be reproduced or copied and that have been unsealed.

- Products that have been customized and/or configured at the request of the client.

If the Customer cancels a confirmed order when it has already been sent, or refuses it on receipt, may demand payment of the transport costs incurred. If the Customer cancels or does not accept confirmed orders of products expressly purchased by for him, Solectro shop s.l. may claim payment of a minimum amount corresponding to 50% of the purchase price, as compensation for damages, as well as for all expenses incurred. In accordance with current legislation, products can be returned for any reason within 14 calendar days of receipt of the goods by the customer, provided that the conditions indicated in this document are met. This can be done by completing the withdrawal form and sending it by post or by email in pdf format.   Online consumer dispute resolution in accordance with Art. 14.1 of Regulation (EU) 524/2013: The European Commission provides an online dispute resolution platform which is available at the following link:  

4.DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS In this case, will act according to the manufacturers' guarantees and RMA, cited in point X of these purchase conditions and taking into account Law 23/2003, of July 10 regarding guarantees in the sale of consumer goods, as well as the relative to ISO 13406-2 on plasma screens.

5.MISUSE OF THE PRODUCT Under no circumstances will be held responsible in the following cases  

- 5.1. If the products have suffered, once delivered to the customer, any deterioration caused by external causes, accidents, incorrect compliance with instructions or changes in electrical voltages.

- 5.2 If the product/s supplied by, suffer damage caused by incorrect configuration or installation by the customer of software, hardware or peripherals.

- 5.3. If the product(s) supplied by are damaged due to components not supplied by

- 5.4. Any misuse of the product that is indicated in the particular warranties of the manufacturer of the product.

- 5.5. No returns will be accepted on sales of products that can be reproduced or copied immediately.    


Applies to the customer-consumer: It is our obligation to deliver the products free of defects. The specific legislation on responsibility for defective products is contained in RD 1/2007, which approves the revised text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users.   Complaints may be lodged: - in writing to the following address: Solectro shop s.l. Padre Tomás de Montañana 22, 46023 Valencia. - via e-mail to the address: - or by using the contact form available on the shop's website.   In the case of the exercise of the guarantee, if we consider it necessary to process the complaint, you must deliver the defective products to the postal address indicated above. If, due to the nature of the goods or the way they have been installed, the delivery of the goods is excessively complicated, you must provide us with access to the place where you are. We undertake to respond to the complaint promptly, at the latest within 14 days of its submission. We will respond to the warranty within two years from the date of delivery of the goods to you. Where the subject of the sale is a mobile item, liability under the warranty will be one year from the date of issue. The complaint should (1) provide information about the reason for the complaint, in particular the type and date of the defect; (2) indicate a request regarding the method of rectifying the defect (replacement of the product with a new one, repair of the products, reduction of the price, withdrawal from the contract, if the defect is significant); and (3) provide the contact details of the complaining party: this will facilitate and speed up the review of the complaint by the Shop. The recommendations specified in the previous section are only guidelines, not binding and in no way affect the effectiveness of complaints made without the provision of the recommended information. This applies to a customer who is not a consumer at the same time.   In the case of a sales contract concluded with a customer who is not a consumer at the same time, it excludes the responsibility of the online shop from the guarantee for defects in the goods. This exemption is ineffective in case of misleading silence on our part.  


Solectro Shop S.L. is not the manufacturer of the products, however all products available in the shop are covered by the guarantee of Solectro Shop S.L. as seller. Solectro Shop S.L. is responsible for the goods sold under the terms and during the period indicated on the warranty card accompanying the goods. The manufacturer is also responsible for the warranty of the products sold under the terms and for the period indicated on the warranty card issued by the manufacturer. If the manufacturer's warranty document provides for such a possibility, the customer may also submit his/her claims directly to the authorized service, whose address is on the warranty card.  

  1. Solectro Shop S.L. will take the necessary measures to ensure the proper functioning of the online shop, to the extent that it results from current technical knowledge and undertakes to eliminate within a reasonable time irregularities reported by customers.
  2. The customer can notify us of any irregularities or interruptions in the operation of the online shop. Please report irregularities related to the operation of the shop by e-mail to:
  3. In complaints about irregularities related to the operation of the online shop website, please indicate the type and date of the irregularity.
  4. We undertake to respond to the complaint promptly, at the latest within 14 days of its submission.  

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