Welding material

In the category soldering equipment you will find all products related to the topic of soldering, including soldering stands, soldering nets, soldering irons or soldering stations. Whether you are interested in fixing elements yourself or working with soldering mesh, you will find everything you need here with high quality products at low prices.

Welding material


  • Accessories for soldering

    In this category you will find: Fluxes (liquid, solid and gel), solder paste, soldering iron replacement tips, PCB cleaner strippers, soldering iron cleaners, antistatic bracelets, soldering iron stands, tools, desoldering irons, gloves, dispensers, soldering mats, etc.

  • Soldering Stations

    Soldering stations belong to a group of essential tools for electronic professionals and hobbyists. In this category you will find both digital soldering stations and kits with the complete set of soldering accessories.

  • Welding and desoldering wire

    Solder is a metal alloy material that is melted to create a permanent bond between electrical parts. Inside the solder core is a material known as flux which helps improve electrical contact and its mechanical strength. Solectroshop offers a wide range of solders both lead and lead-free.

  • Tin Solderers iron

    Soldering is a fundamental technique for both electronics hobbyists and professionals. Soldering is an essential skill for most workshop projects as well as for new inventions. In our offer you will find a wide range of soldering irons. We are sure you will find the right one for your project. We invite you to browse through the category!

  • Soldering Kits

    Ideal kits to learn how to solder or to equip yourself with all the necessary tools for soldering. The soldering kits come in a handy box.

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Welding kit for beginners -...


Welding kit for beginners - Christmas Tree with flashing LEDs

Learn how to weld in the most fun and useful way with this luminous Christmas tree. Follow our practical and simple guide step by step, and decorate your home with this flashing Christmas tree. Soldering is an essential technique in electronics and what better way to learn than with this specially prepared kit. Includes soldering iron, tin, pliers, desoldering iron, sponge, support and tree kit. Soldering kit comes in a practical and convenient case box.

Regular price €39.41 -€9.83 Price €29.58
Soldering Station 48W


Soldering Station 48W

Soldering Station 48W features:
- Heating element for soldering iron: 48W
- Temperature: 150 ° C - 480 ° C
- Power: 220-240Vac
- Temperature controlled soldering station 48W,
- Adjust the desired temperature of the soldering iron with the adjustment knob,
- The color-coded areas are similar to the following temperatures:
- Yellow approx. 150 „ƒ
- Orange approx.> 150 to 270 „ƒ
- Red approx.> 270 to 480 „ƒ
- Wait about 2-3 minutes until the solder tip reaches the set temperature.

Price €21.95
Flux Solder Paste in Tin...


Flux Solder Paste in Tin Can 100g

Flux Solder Paste in Tin Can 100g features:
- Welding paste according to DIN EN 29454-1 1.1.2.C.
- Flux paste based on medium activity rosin.
- Easy to solder: copper, silver plated, zinc and nickel. Flux residues after welding do not cause corrosion of non-ferrous metals and may remain in the joints.
Operating temperature of up to 350 C.

Price €4.99
Wood Burning Thermograuvre...


Wood Burning Thermograuvre Pyrograph 30W 6 Replacement Tips

Wood Burning Thermograuvre Pyrograph 30W 6 Replacement Tips features:
- Pyrography type pencil, with 6 replacement tips with different shapes and thicknesses. Ideal for carpentry and joinery
- Can be used on different materials, the most common are wood, leather and rubber, but can also be used with other materials
- Number of nozzles: 6 units
- Power: 30W
- Voltage: 220-240V
- Caution: do not touch the tip of the pyrograph while it is hot. Change the mouthpiece with tweezers or wait for it to cool
- Certifications CE, RoHS, LVD

Regular price €12.99 -15% Price €11.04
Soldering Iron 40W


Soldering Iron 40W

Soldering Iron 40W features:
- Power: 40W
- Power: 230V
- Equipped with tip B1
- Long length tip: 1mm
- Anti-thermal handle
- CE, RoHS and TUV certifications

Price €10.95
Hot Air Digital Soldering...


Hot Air Digital Soldering Station ZD-8907 SMD

Hot Air Digital Soldering Station ZD-8907 SMD features:
- For welding and desoldering SMD components
- Power: 220V-240V
- Temperature regulation 200°C - 500°C
- Power consumption 320 W (max.)
- Air Flow 22 l/min. (Max.)
- Nozzle diameter 21.5 mm
- Dimensions 58 × 290 mm
- Certifications CE, RoHS, LVD
- Guarantee 12 months

Price €44.90
Hot Air soldering station...


Hot Air soldering station ZD-939L

Power supply: 220V-240V Temperature regulation 160 ° C -480 ° C Power consumption 320 W (max.) Flow of Air 24 l / min. (Max.) Dimensions 160x 225x 138mm CE, RoHS, LVD Certifications 12-month warranty

Price €108.50
Soldering Gun with Dual...


Soldering Gun with Dual Color 30W/70W

Soldering Gun with Dual Color 30W/70W features:
- Power: 30W, maximum 70W
- Power: 230V
- Equipped with tip B1
- Long length tip: 1mm
- Anti-thermal handle
- CE, RoHS and TÃœV certifications Instructions: When connected, the initial power runs at 30W.
When you press the button, the energy runs around 70W.
When you release the button, the power will slowly descend to 30W again.

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