Flux Gel Jeringa 1.4cm3 RMA Soldering BGA SMD SMT
  • Flux Gel Jeringa 1.4cm3 RMA Soldering BGA SMD SMT

Flux Gel Jeringa 1.4cm3 RMA Soldering BGA SMD SMT


Flux gel syringe 1.4cm3 of RMA class, intended for SMT assembly and repairs. Flux gel can be applied through a sieve, pattern or from a syringe. Activators utilized in flux manufacturing process enable to leave its remnants after soldering on the package (as far as the process does not include washing phases).

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Flux Gel Jeringa 1.4cm3 RMA Soldering BGA SMD SMT features:

- Flux gel, RMA condensed rosin for non-halide welding, non-corrosive, No Clean, Lead Free, Non-conductive
- Shape: gel
- Capacity: 1,4cm3
- SMT assembly time: up to 36 hours
- Retains stickiness at 72 hours
- Good welding capacity on surfaces: Ag, Cu, Au, Zn, Cd, SnPb
- Flux Gel, Soldering Paste, Grease, BGA / SMD / SMT Assembly and repairs Security: - Do not inhale the vapors of the bottle or those that come off when welding.
- Keep out of reach of children.
- Use in ventilated spaces.
- Do not eat. Highly flammable toxic (contains alcohols). Rarely irritating to skin contact. Wash with plenty of water.
- If accidental contact with the eyes occurs (splashing) wash with plenty of water. (Approximately 15 minutes)

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Isopropyl Alcohol 99.9% 1L

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Dangerous preparation, contains up to 35% phosphoric acid. In case of contact with skin or eyes, wash with plenty of water and consult a doctor. Keep closed and out of reach of children. It causes burns. Risk of serious eye damage.


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