18650 Battery pack accessories

Let's build a 18650 battery pack. 18650 battery packs have been used in advanced electronics for many years. Thanks to the properties of lithium-ion batteries, innovative wireless devices can provide users with efficient work for a satisfactory period of time. Why is it worth investing in 18650 battery pack?  Because the simultaneous operation of many cells ensures the maximization of energy efficiency without the risk of voltage drop. Where are 18650 battery packs used? Most of the time we can find them in tool cells (for example, screwdrivers) or electronic equipment with high energy demand (including laptops). Using such available components (such as cell solder plates, positioning handles, plastic housings, and grommets) offers the ability to connect individual 18650 batteries.

18650 Battery pack accessories


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Square nickel strip 4x18650

Nickel strip in the shape of a square plate to join 4 poles of 4 welded batteries with connection projection. Tape sheets, lithium battery welding.


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Full adhesive insulating base with hole for 2x18650 - pack 5unds

Pre-cut insulating base for electrode, base with holes for 2x 18650 batteries. Self-adhesive pad isolates and protects battery contacts from short circuits. Stick to the battery after sealing it in a package. If the connecting tape becomes hot, insulation protects the battery against damage to the casing and against short circuits.


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