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Original Arduino boards

The ingenious Italian invention, a small plate with a very powerful force. We are official distributors of Arduino and we are continuously extending our offer to new products, including Arduino Portenta. In our assortment, you can find Arduino Uno, Arduino Nano, Arduino Mega and much more at competitive prices. On our website and blog you will also find basic projects with Arduino and tutorials for Arduino programming, which we will also extend every day with new projects and ideas for experiments described in detail. Follow this page and ask us if you have any doubts or if you want to learn more about the differences between the boards, the Arduino sensors, motors and Arduino shields recommended for each board.

Original Arduino boards
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Arduino Uno R3

Arduino UNO is the best board to start your experience with electronics and programming. If this is your first experience with the platform, UNO is the most robust board you can start with. UNO is the most widely used and documented board in the entire Arduino family. Its power ensures ATmega 328p microcontroller, the board is equipped with 14 digital pins, and 6 analog


Price €19.83


It is the ideal industrial upgrade for the powerful Arduino Portenta H7 that adds a low power Himax camera, two microphones, Ethernet connectivity and microSD slot, everything you need for the fast creation of cutting-edge ML applications. 


Price €47.85

Arduino Nano Every

Arduino has decided to further develop its catchy Nano project in the direction of more power. Nano Every is the simplest of the new series as it doesn´t include any sensors nor connectivity solution, however still significantly more powerful than standard Nano (50% more program memory and 2 times more RAM). Above characteristics make it perfect for projects of small devices with more advanced functionalities, such as audio processing or robotics.


Price €17.35

Arduino Uno Rev3 SMD

Arduino Uno R3 SMD is a variation of the Uno with SMD. It has 14 digital input / output pins (of which 6 can be used as PWM outputs), 6 analog inputs, a 16 MHz crystal oscillator, a USB connection, a power connector, an ICSP header and a reset button. In addition, Uno SMD offers the following additional features: - ATmega16U2 instead of 8U2 as a USB to serial converter - 1.0


Price €20.65

Arduino Pro PORTENTA H7

The Arduino Portenta H7 represents a new family of chips designed for IoT applications.  The board uses the STM32H747 microcontroller equipped with Cortex-M7 and Cortex-M4 cores, which allows it to run programs written in Arduino®, MicroPython or JavaScript. In addition, the Arduino Portent H7 is characterised by high performance and at the same time energy efficiency.


Price €104.12

Arduino Nano 33 Iot

Nano 33 IoT as the name would suggest is an WiFi enabled version of the famous Nano. It has an upgraded microcontroller to ARM Cortex SAMD21 y el módulo NINA-W10 (based on ESP32) from u-blox and a module IMU LSM6DS3.


Price €22.31

Arduino Uno Wifi Rev2

Imagine the simplicity of the Arduino One connected to the communication module. Seems too good to be true, right? That's Arduino One WiFi. Arduino Uno WiFi REV2 (ABX00021) with its integrated IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) and WiFi is the ideal board to start making your first Internet application from scratch, or to use in the educational field. It has 14 digital input / output pins (5 of which are PWM outputs), 6 analog inputs, a 16 MHz ceramic resonator, an accelerometer, an RGB LED, a power connector and an ICSP header.


Regular price €46.77 -€5.00 Price €41.77

Arduino Nano 33 Ble

Nano was already a great invention and a super facilitator of many projects, but with Nano BLE opens yet another set of opportunities. First of all, the BLE module - the newest and lowest energy consumption connectivity solution, which effectively allows you to leverage the same technology as used in the newest mass-produced electronic devices


Price €28.09

Arduino Micro

Arduino Micro is based on the same architecture as Arduino Leonardo, but with a smaller form factor, which allows for easy placement on the test plates. That is, it has almost the same functionality but with a much smaller size. And that of size. As we all know, in electronics has meant a lot during the last decades (see example of computers). Developed together with Adafruit, the Leonardo has 20 digital input / output pins of which 7 can be used as PWM outputs and 6 analogue inputs, a 16 MHz crystal oscillator, a micro USB connection, an ICSP header and a reset button. The important thing is also that it comes already equipped with the USB despite its small size because we don't need to install an additional converter.


Price €19.29

Arduino Nano

Arduino Nano A000005 is the smaller, friendlier version of Uno's badge. Perfect for IoT applications and for mobile device prototypes. This board is based on the ATmega328 and has a wide range of applications, thanks to its small size and flexibility.


Price €20.98

Arduino Nano 33 Ble Sense rev2

On top of all the upgrades presented in Nano BLE (64 MHz clock, 1Mb flash memory, 256Kb SRAM) Nano BLE Sense Rev2 brings basic sensors to the table. It is truly impressive how Arduino team managed to fit those on such a small factor, nonetheless they did and did so for 5 basic modules.

In the package, you get 9 axis IMU, humidity and temperature sensor, barometric sensor, microphone and vision sensor (gesture, proximity, color and light intensity). Such a set together with TensorFlow compatibility enables basic machine learning functionalities straight after taking the board out of the box.


Price €40.90

Arduino Mega 2560 Rev3

Arduino Mega 2560 R3  A000067 has been designed with larger and more ambitious projects in mind. It has 54 digital input / output pins (15 of which can be used as PWM outputs), 16 analog inputs, 4 UART (i.e. hardware serial ports). The large number of analog and digital pins, along with larger MEMORY, make the Mega 2560 ideal for devices such as 3D printers and other demanding applications. The Mega 2560 board is compatible with most shields designed for Arduino Uno.


Regular price €41.31 -€5.00 Price €36.31

Arduino Due

Arduino Due is the perfect board for powerful large-scale Arduino projects. This is the only Arduino microcontroller based on the Microchip SAM3X8E with an Arm Cortex-M3® processor. If other basic boards are not enough for your ideas and demands, this one will surely satisfy them. Add to this 54 pins (54 digital input/output pins, 12 analog inputs, 2 DAC, 2 CAN and 4 UARTS) and you have a board that will not stop before any obstacle.


Price €46.28

Arduino Edge Control

A remote monitoring and control solution, optimised for outdoor environments. Collect real-time data from smart sensors and leverage everything to the edge, in your smart farm management.


Price €179.00

Arduino Leonardo

The Arduino Leonardo is one of the most popular versions of the series, behind only the legendary Uno plate to which it has very similar features (see our comparison below). The board contains a microcontroller ATmega32u4 with the participation of 20 digital inputs/outputs, of which 7 can be used as PWM outputs and 6 analog inputs. The system works with the clock signal with the frequency of 16 MHz, has 32K Flash and 2.5 KB of SRAM RAM.


Price €18.29

Arduino Mkr Wifi 1010

Arduino MKR WiFi 1010  ( ABX00023 )  es la evolución del MKR1000 y está equipado con un módulo ESP32 de u-blox. Su objetivo es acelerar y simplificar la creación de prototipos de aplicaciones IoT basadas en WiFi gracias a la flexibilidad del módulo ESP32 y su bajo consumo de energía. CONECTIVIDAD USB MICRO TIPO B WIFI & BLE


Price €38.76

Arduino NICLA Vision

Nicla Vision combines a powerful STM32H747AII6 Dual ARM® Cortex® M7/M4 IC processor with a TinyML-enabled 2 MP colour camera, as well as a smart 6-axis motion sensor, integrated microphone and distance sensor. Supports MicroPython, and offers WiFi and Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity.


Price €99.99


Arduino Uno R4 WiFi is the original Arduino Uno module with the powerful 32-bit Renesas RA4M1 ARM Cortex M4 ARM Cortex M4 microcontroller. The board is equipped with 256 kB of Flash memory and 32 kB of SRAM, 14 digital I/O, including 6 PWM, 6 ADC and 1 DAC. Popular communication interfaces such as SPI, I2C, UART and CAN are available. It operates with a voltage of 5 V. The ESP32-S3-Mini chip handles WiFi and Bluetooth communication. The Uno R4 WiFi features a 12x8 matrix of addressable red LEDs as well as a Qwiic connector.


Price €26.11

Arduino NICLA Voice

Nicla Voice combines a powerful Syntiant® NDP120 Neural Decision Processor™ (NDP), a high-performance IM69D130 microphone, a BMI270 6-axis intelligent motion sensor, a BMM150 3-axis magnetometer and Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity.


Price €79.00

Arduino Mkr Wan 1300 - Obsolete

Arduino MKR WAN 1300 tiene el mismo factor de forma que las otras placas Arduino MKR y ofrece mucha funcionalidad en un paquete muy pequeno. Utiliza el microcontrolador Atmel SAMD21 y el módulo Murata MCWX1ZZABZ LoRa para la conectividad. El MKR WAN 1300 ha sido disenado para conectar proyectos y aplicaciones con conectividad LoRa.


Arduino NICLA Sense ME

Nicla Sense ME is the smallest Arduino-developed board equipped with a range of the latest Bosch environmental and motion sensors. The module is based on the nRF52832 ARM Cortex M4 chip clocked at 64 MHz with 512 kB of Flash, 64 kB of RAM and 2 MB of SPI Flash and 2 MB of QSPI embedded memory. The Nicla Sense ME features the Bosch BHI260AP, BMP390, BMM150 and BME688 embedded sensors


Price €79.00

Arduino Starter Kit Classroom Pack

The ideal package for teachers looking for classroom solutions that introduce programming and electronics through fun and engaging interactive projects.

It is a ready-made package with the curriculum available for ready-made classes - it comes with a booklet of 15 introduction classes written by Arduino team.

The Arduino Starter Kit class package is a solution package, containing six of the popular Arduino Starter Kits. This classroom package is for a classroom of at least twelve students - the recommended ratio is two students per kit - and is intended for use by middle school teachers looking for a comprehensive educational solution based on the Arduino platform.


Price €495.04

Arduino Kit Starter Oficial

Arduino Starter Kit is a perfect kit to start your adventure with Arduino. It offers a range of original components, which ensure compatibility with all Arduino parts and give you access to full range of official materials. Additionally, you get a 15 projects booklet, which is pretty much all you need to start rolling with your Arduino projects


Price €87.56

Arduino Oplà IoT Kit - Spanish - Official Internet of Things Kit

This new official Arduino Stuff online starter kit is the perfect kit to start your adventure with Arduino. It offers everything you need to introduce your home or environment to the world of home automation and Smart Home. This programmable platform consists of various sensors, touch buttons, actuators, and even a screen, all embedded inside a sophisticated spherical housing, allowing you to add smart connectivity to your devices.

The 8 projects included in the Oplà IoT Kit allow users to turn everyday devices into intelligent devices, which can be remotely controlled from a mobile phone.


Price €120.58

TinkerKit Braccio Robot Arduino - Robot Arm 6 DOF

The Tinkerkit Braccio Robot, is a fully operational and functional robot arm, with 6 degrees of freedom, easily controlled through Arduino. It can be assembled in different ways to use it in the applications that are required, such as moving objects, connecting a camera or a solar panel.

Discover the unlimited potential of robotics and mechanics with BRACCIO!


Regular price €236.77 -€30.00 Price €206.77

Arduino Engineering Kit REV2

The Arduino Engineering Kit Rev 2 is a versatile and practical learning tool. By creating fun, real-world projects, you can understand basic engineering and mechatronics concepts and learn to program in MATLAB and Simulink. The versatility of the elements gives you the opportunity to adapt the content and create your own curriculum based on it. The kit includes online courseware, step-by-step instructions, lessons and exercises. It works best when studying in small groups.


Regular price €239.63 -€15.00 Price €224.63

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What is the original Arduino?

Arduino Original is a series of electronic boards and accessories for education and professionals. We differentiate between the original boards, because of their opensource license in the market there are a lot of clones that sometimes lack quality or compatibility with the original system. The original line products are produced in Italy with quality assurance and construction according to the original project. The series of products are developed year by year with products like MKR and Nano boards put on the market last year and the professional plate Arduino Portenta this year. The products are designed by the team of developers located in Italy and California, some of which were in the original team that created the Uno plate in 2005. Using original parts you can also benefit from the large volume of materials available on the official Arduino website without the risk of lack of compatibility. The boards cooperate very well with modules from Arduino's partner companies - Sparkfun and Adafruit, further increasing the brand's possibilities.

What are the advantages of Arduino?

The advantages depend on the board, since with selected modules the clones are already so well developed and with the confirmed quality that the differences appear very few. So the originals have the biggest advantage in new series of which the clones do not yet have the confirmed quality. Furthermore, not all boards are available as clones - the new Arduino Nano Ble and IoT work almost only in the original form. What's more, the original plates have a guarantee if used according to the conditions set by the producer. Ultimately, with original modules, we can be sure of compatibility with other parts. 

What are the Arduino possibilities?

Every Arduino board is based on user-friendly hardware and software. The GPIO interface allows cooperation with input devices, such as measurement sensors, buttons or potentiometers, which can be used to send signals to output devices through a programmed microcontroller. By writing a program and storing it in the microcontroller's memory, we can command Arduino to implement the planned actions even in cooperation with the peripheral devices. The programming language syntax for Arduino is mainly based on the C and C++ languages and the Wiring environment. The manufacturer provides a dedicated Arduino IDE application along with sample programs. For many years Arduino has been the control center for thousands of projects, from applications used in everyday life at home to sophisticated measuring equipment for scientific and educational purposes.