Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect with headers
  • Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect with headers
  • Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect with headers
  • Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect with headers
  • Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect with headers
  • Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect with headers
  • Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect with headers
  • Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect with headers
  • Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect with headers

Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect with headers


Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect ABX00053 is the first Raspberry Pi SoC board. The smallest and most versatile plug&play board with dual core, connectivity, audio and machine learning capabilities.

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Description of Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect:

Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect is the first Raspberry Pi SoC board. The smallest and most versatile plug&play board with dual core, connectivity, audio and machine learning capabilities.

Tiny footprint, mighty features


The Nano RP2040 Connect comes equipped with a u-blox NINA-W102 Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n) and Bluetooth v4.2 radio module. This is a module from the same manufacturer found on the Arduino Nano BLE 33, so it is similar to this board in more ways than just its name and form factor.

Artificial intelligence

In addition to wireless connectivity, the board comes with a microphone for sound and voice activation and a six-axis smart motion sensor with AI capabilities. 

Lots of pins!

An RGB LED is also available. 22 GPIO ports (20 with PWM support and eight analogue inputs) allow the user to control, for example, relays, motors and LEDs and read switches and other sensors.

More memory

It offers plenty of program memory, with 16 MB of flash memory, more than enough space to store many web pages or other data.

The power of Python 

The Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect is "Compatible with Raspberry Pi RP2040", which means that it not only has support for the entire RP2040 software ecosystem, but also full support for MicroPyhton. 

At the same time, the board is compatible with the Arduino programming language, the IDE 2.0 and all the accompanying libraries. 

Ready for Arduino Cloud

Finally, it can be programmed and operated directly from a browser and is fully compatible with Arduino Cloud and the Arduino IoT Remote smartphone app.

Nano RP2040 Connect in the cloud

Like all Arduino, the hardware of the Nano RP2040 Connect is only half the story.

Right off the bat, this device is fully compatible with the Arduino Cloud. It landed at just the right time, as the Arduino Cloud plans were revised. These offer much more at the free level, while bringing a new entry-level plan that really unlocks the power of the cloud.

Because the Nano RP2040 Connect is a connected device, this opens up all sorts of possibilities. Not least of all wireless updates and programming. This alone can make a Cloud companion to the board worthwhile. It gives you full and incredibly easy access to the hardware. This is true even after it has been deployed, installed, or immersed in the guts of a project. If you have a WiFi signal, you can do everything as if you were connected via USB. Plus, you have the added benefit of smartphone control via the Arduino IoT Remote app.

The cloud even makes it very easy for your Nano RP2040 Connect to communicate wirelessly with other boards. Any device connected to your Arduino Cloud can communicate, and we're not just talking about official Arduino boards.

Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect specifications:

BoardName Arduino® Nano RP2040 Connect
SKU ABX00053
Microcontroller Raspberry Pi RP2040
USB connector Micro USB
PinsBuilt-in LED Pin 13
Digital I/O Pins 20
Analog input pins 8
PWM pins 20 (except A6, A7)
External interrupts 20 (except A6, A7)
ConnectivityWi-Fi Nina W102 uBlox module
Bluetooth Nina W102 uBlox module
Secure element ATECC608A-MAHDA-T Crypto IC
SensorsIMU LSM6DSOXTR (6-axis)
Microphone MP34DT05
CommunicationUART Yes
I2C Yes
PowerCircuit operating voltage 3.3V
Input voltage (VIN) 5-21V
DC Current per I/O Pin 4 mA
Clock speedProcessor 133 MHz
MemoryAT25SF128A-MHB-T 16MB Flash IC
Nina W102 uBlox module 448 KB ROM, 520KB SRAM, 16MB Flash
DimensionsWeight 6 g
Width 18 mm
Length 45 mm

Pinout of Arduino NANO RP2040 Connect

The complete Pinout together with the technical information of the board can be found in the attachments tab.


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Data sheet

Micro Type B
22 Digital

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