Arduino  Uno R3
  • Arduino  Uno R3
  • Arduino  Uno R3
  • Arduino  Uno R3
  • Arduino  Uno R3
  • Arduino  Uno R3

Arduino Uno R3


Arduino UNO is the best board to start your experience with electronics and programming. If this is your first experience with the platform, UNO is the most robust board you can start with. UNO is the most widely used and documented board in the entire Arduino family. Its power ensures ATmega 328p microcontroller, the board is equipped with 14 digital pins, and 6 analog

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Details for Arduino Uno Rev3

Arduino Uno is Arduino's best known board and the first to introduce the world of electronics to the Italian producer. Arduino Uno is the ideal board to get started in electronics, through practical projects for both schools and individuals. This board can be your gateway to the unique Arduino experience: excellent for learning the basics of how sensors and actuators work, and an essential for prototyping projects. Based on Atmega328 it is surely strong enough for every project for people who are starting their electronic progress. The Uno is the most popular and documented board in the world. Thanks to the lively community surrounding the Uno, it is easy to find advice and inspiration even on our website.

Features of Arduino Uno Rev3

- USB: Standard Type B

- Chip: Atmega328P

- Clock: 16Mhz

- Memory: 32 Kb Flash, 2 Kb Sram, 1 Kb Eeprom

- Interfaces: 12C, Spi, Serial

- Voltages: 5V Operating

- Pinout: 14 Digital, 6 Pwm, 6 Analog

- Dimensions: 68.6 X 53.4 Mm

Arduino UNO Pinout

The complete pinout together with the technical information of the board can be found in the attached tab.

Links to the interesting Arduino projects

How to connect Uno to the GPS module and program the reading of your device's location?  Manual.JPG

Links to Arduino pages and documentation

Official Arduino website

Official Arduino forum

Eagle file for Arduino

Pinouts for Arudino UNO

Data sheet

Standard Type B
32 Kb Flash
5V Operating
20 Digital
68.6 X 53.4 Mm
Pins digital
Pins analog

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