Arduino Kit Starter Oficial
  • Arduino Kit Starter Oficial
  • Arduino Kit Starter Oficial
  • Arduino Kit Starter Oficial
  • Arduino Kit Starter Oficial
  • Arduino Kit Starter Oficial
  • Arduino Kit Starter Oficial
  • Arduino Kit Starter Oficial

Arduino Kit Starter Oficial


Arduino Starter Kit is a perfect kit to start your adventure with Arduino. It offers a range of original components, which ensure compatibility with all Arduino parts and give you access to full range of official materials. Additionally, you get a 15 projects booklet, which is pretty much all you need to start rolling with your Arduino projects

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Kit Arduino Starter description:

El kit de inicio de Arduino es tu clásico. El kit basado en la placa Uno te guiará a través de los fundamentos del uso de Arduino de forma práctica. Aprenderás a través de la construcción de varios proyectos creativos. El kit incluye una selección de los componentes electrónicos más comunes y útiles con un libro de 15 proyectos. Desde los fundamentos de la electrónica hasta proyectos más complejos, el kit te ayudará a controlar el mundo físico con sensores y actuadores. Por todos estos rázones es el kit perfecto para escuelas y los aficionados que quieren empezar con Arduino.

Kit Arduino Starter features:

  • 1 Project book (170 pages)
  • 1 Arduino One
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 Breadboard 400 points
  • 70 solid-core jumper cables
  • 1 easy-to-assemble wooden base
  • 1 9v pressure battery
  • 1 braided jumper cables (black)
  • 1 Braided jumper cables (red)
  • 6 Phototransistors
  • 3 10kOhms potentiometers
  • 10 Pushbuttons
  • 1 Temperature sensor [TMP36]
  • 1 Tilt sensor
  • 1 alphanumeric LCD (16x2 characters)
  • 1 LED (bright white)
  • 1 LED (RGB)
  • 8 LEDs (red)
  • 8 LEDs (green)
  • 8 LEDs (yellow)
  • 3 LEDs (blue)
  • 1 Small DC motor 6/9V
  • 1 Small servo motor
  • 1 Piezoelectric capsule [PKM17EPP-4001-B0]
  • 1 H-jumper motor controller [L293D]
  • 1 Optocoupler [4N35]
  • 2 Mosfet transistors [IRF520]
  • 5 100uF capacitors, 5 diodes [1N4007]
  • 3 transparent gels (red, green, blue)
  • 1 strip of male pins (40x1)
  • 20 resistors 220 Ohms
  • 5 resistors 560 Ohms
  • 5 resistors 1 kOhms
  • 5 resistors 4. 7 kOhms
  • 20 Resistors 10 kOhms
  • 5 Resistors 1 MOhms
  • 5 Resistors 10 MOhms 

Kit Arduino Starter projects:

  1. KNOW YOUR TOOLS an introduction to the basics
  2. SPACE INTERFACE design your starship control panel
  3. LOVE-O-METER measures how much warm blood you have
  4. COLOR MIXING LAMP produce any color with a lamp that uses light as input
  5. MOOD CUE hints at how you're doing
  6. LIGHT THEREMIN creates a musical instrument that is played by shaking hands
  7. KEYBOARD INSTRUMENT play music and make some noise with this keyboard
  8. DIGITAL TIME a luminous hourglass that can prevent you from working too much
  9. MOTORIZED WHEEL a color wheel that will make your head spin
  10. ZOETROPE creates a mechanical animation that can be played forward or backward
  11. CRYSTAL BALL a mystical journey to answer all your difficult questions
  12. KNOCK LOCK, pull out the secret code to open the door...
  13. KNOCK LAMP a lamp that responds to your touch
  14. THE ARDUINO LOGO Control your personal computer from your Arduino
  15. HACKING BUTTONS creates a master control for all your devices! 

Unboxing video Kit Arduino Starter:

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