Limit Switch with Lever
  • Limit Switch with Lever
  • Limit Switch with Lever
  • Limit Switch with Lever

Limit Switch with Lever


Limit Switch with Lever 

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Limit Switch with Lever 5A 250Vac 

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Plastic Water Solenoid Valve - 12V - 1 / 2 ″ Nominal

12VDC plastic solenoid valve. Normally closed. Liquid can flow in one direction and a minimum pressure of 0.02Mpa (3 PSI) is required. This liquid valve would be a great addition to your robotic gardening project. There are two 1/2 ″ outlets. Normally, the valve is closed. When 12VDC is applied to the two terminals, the valve can be opened and pushed.


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Display OLED 0.96" 128x64 White I2C 4 Pin

Display OLED 0.96" 128x64 White I2C 4 Pin features:
- Interface: I2C (logical level 3.3V)
- Resolution: 128x64
- Angle of view:> 160 degree
- Screen color: white
- Screen Dimension: 2.43cm / 0.96 "
- IC Controller: SSD1306
- Power supply: 3.3V - 5VDC
- Operating temperature: -20 ° C - 70 ° C
- Size: 2.2x 2.8x 1.2 cm / 0.87x 1.1x 0.47 "
- Application: smart watch, MP3, thermometer , instruments, DIY projects, etc ...
- It is an OLED display module with white display and with a dot matrix of a resolution 128x64 and an IC2 interface.
- The display includes the IC driver SSD1306 128 x 64 OLED / PLED Segment / Common Driver.


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Cable 1x0.35 Flexible Single-pole 0.35mm blue 3m

Characteristic: -Low voltage electric cables
-Normal: EN 50525-2-31
-Number of conductors: 1x0.35mm2
-Service voltage: 300 / 500V
-Service temperature: at 70ºC
-Resistance at 20ºC: 55.0 Ohm / Km
-Weight (Kg / Km): 7
-Outer diameter: 2.4mm

-Length 1m


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Joystick Shield compatible with Arduino UNO Mega

Shield allows you to be directly punched to an Arduino Uno, Mega board and convert your Arduino board into a controller like the game console system. Joystick Shield compatible with Arduino UNO Mega features:
- 3.3V / 5V voltage
- 4 large buttons ABCD
- 2 small EF buttons
- 1 button on the joystick)
- 2-axis joystick (x, y)
- Nokia 5110 LCD screen interface
- Interface nRF24L01 +
- Dimensions of PCB: 87 x54 mm


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Switch On/On 3-pin 6A SPDT

This switch can be used for development projects and for the industry. All metal parts are not oxidized, the insulation material is of high quality.
Its pins protected by an anti oxidant makes welding much easier. Switch On/On 3-pin 6A SPDT features:
- Type: Latch SPDT
- Material: Plastic, metal
- Maximum operating current and voltage: 3A / 250V, 6A / 125V
- Number of pins: 3
- Pin size: 4.5x2 mm
- Type of current: AC/DC
- Pins to be welded
- Switch action: 2 positions On/On
- Size: 13.2x12.7x33.3mm


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