2x AAA 3V battery holder for Micro:bit
  • 2x AAA 3V battery holder for Micro:bit
  • 2x AAA 3V battery holder for Micro:bit
  • 2x AAA 3V battery holder for Micro:bit

2x AAA 3V battery holder for Micro:bit


Weight: 12.7g
Box size: 62 * 25 * 10 mm

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This box of 2 AAA batteries compatible with BBC Micro: bit.
The box with ON OFF switch cover, PH2.0 xh2.0 cables for micro BBC: 3v bit and 150mm cables.

Note: This case without battery.

2x AAA 3V battery holder for Microbit description

Weight: 12.7g
Box size: 62 * 25 * 10 mm

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