Resistor 510 ohm 5% 0,25W 1/4W carbon film resistor
  • Resistor 510 ohm 5% 0,25W 1/4W carbon film resistor

Resistor 510 ohm 5% 0,25W 1/4W carbon film resistor


Resistencias (510 Ohm) de tolerancia de 0.05 y potencia de 0,25W. En el carbon film.

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Resistencia [Ohm]

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Photoresistor is a resistor whose resistance decreases when increasing the intensity of the light that falls on it. 10x Photoresistor GL5516 LDR features:
- Model: GL5516
- Spectral peak: 540nm
- Maximum DC voltage: 150V
- Maximum power: 90mW.
- Resistance with light (10lux): 5-10KΩ
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Micro Servo 9g SG90

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- USB input or standard DC 2.1 x5.5mm connector
- Maximum current 700mA
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USB Digital Power Voltmeter Tester Amps

Device to measure the power consumption of any device powered by USB: phones, chargers, USB disks, consoles, tablets ...
USB Digital Power Voltmeter Tester Amps features:
- Operating range: voltage 3.5 - 9V
- Current 0 -3A
- Resolution: 10mV 1mA
- Error: <± 1.5%
- Dimensions: 60 x 23 x 19mm


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