74HC595 SN74HC595N 8-Bit DIP-16
  • 74HC595 SN74HC595N 8-Bit DIP-16

74HC595 SN74HC595N 8-Bit DIP-16


With this multiplexer circuit we will be able to get 8 more digital outputs for arduino losing only 3 of them. 

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With this multiplexer circuit we will be able to get 8 more digital outputs for arduino losing only 3 of them.


  • - Logic Circuit - Type: DIP-16
  • - Logic Circuit - Type: Displacement Register
  • - Displacement Register - Function: Series to Parallel, Series to Series
  • - Supply Voltage Max .: 6V
  • - Supply Voltage Min .: 2V
  • - IC - Output Type: Tri-State

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- Input voltage (limits): 6-20V
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