Grove - Starter Kit for Arduino
  • Grove - Starter Kit for Arduino
  • Grove - Starter Kit for Arduino
  • Grove - Starter Kit for Arduino
  • Grove - Starter Kit for Arduino
  • Grove - Starter Kit for Arduino
  • Grove - Starter Kit for Arduino

Grove - Starter Kit for Arduino


The Grove Starter Kit for Arduino is one of the best Arduino starter kits for beginners. It includes an Arduino-compatible base shield and 14 additional Arduino sensors and accessories. With this Grove starter kit, you can create any Arduino project you want.

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This Grove - Starter Kit for Arduino is a perfect starter kit for Arduino beginners. It includes a Base Shield that has many Grove connectors on board, twelve Grove modules that cover most of the functions needed for a beginner, and a very useful user manual that can help you get started quickly. We have this part available from Geppetto. Easy modular electronic design with Seeed and Geppetto - build it now!

Grove is a modular electronic platform that allows you to create prototypes conveniently and quickly. Many configurations can be assembled without soldering or breadboarding. Simply connect the Grove modules to the Grove display and take advantage of the example code provided for each Grove module. The Grove Starter Kit contains a multitude of sensors and actuators, including support for audio, light, motion, touch and other modes of interaction. So you can start tinkering with a wide variety of projects in one go.


This kit does not include an Arduino. If you need an Arduino board, please click here to buy the Arduino Uno.

You can watch the "Unboxing and Getting Started" video below to better understand this starter kit and create interesting projects using the modules in this kit. Also, this video will help you set up all the software needed to get started using our Grove modules.

Seeed Grove kit video guide:

Contents Seeed Grove Kit for Arduino:

  • Base Shield 1
  • Grove - RGB LCD backlight 1
  • Grove - Smart Speaker 1
  • Grove - Buzzer 1
  • Grove - Sound Sensor 1
  • Grove - Touch Sensor 1
  • Grove - Rotating Angle Sensor 1
  • Grove - Temperature sensor 1
  • Grove - LED 1
  • Grove - Light Sensor 1
  • Grove - Push Button 1
  • DIP LED Blue-Blue 1
  • DIP LED Green-Green 1
  • DIP LED Red-Red 1
  • Mini Servo 1
  • Grove Cables 10
  • 9 V for jack adapter 1
  • Grove starter kit Manual 1
  • Green Plastic Box 1

Materials included in the kit:

Seeed on top of the great quality products provides extensive instructional materials enabling to start using the sensors straight away without any potential problems. In the booklet included in the kit, you will get essential "how-to-connect" guides as well as basic code. Additionally, you can find plenty of materials on the Seeed Wiki pages posted in the links below.

Seeed Grove Arduino Starter kit is a game-changer for schools and robotic classes

Learning no longer needs to be complex and tedious. Focus only on the most important things and don´t worry about connecting the modules in a wrong way or selecting components for your own set.

With this customized set from Seeed, you get best experience in learning hardware and software without a need to master soldering at the same time. Just click on the modules and start learning.

It is especially easy for STEM teachers who have yet limited knowledge of Arduino and want an economic solution. 

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