Czech Republic will soon welcome its first 3D printed home!

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3D construction engineering beginnings

3D printed buildings is a relatively young domain, however we have seen some already quite inspiring achievements there with Dubai as the largest and France as the first back in 2018

building however is yet different and more innovative to an extent. First of all the printing will take only 48 hours, and the apartment will be fully livable in 2 months. Second of all... the building will be floating on water! Check out the pictures below.

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The building is expected to last for around 100 years regardless of the weather conditions. 

Interestingly, even at this very early stage of the technology development, it seems to have significant advantages over traditional construction methods. 

As mentioned its production time is significantly lower than in case of traditional, brick houses (up to 7 times). Additionally, it extremely decreases construction residuals. For the Czech Republic it is even more important given almost half of their residuals production comes from the construction industry.

On top of that, it requires a lot fewer workers than in case of traditional housing - almost 1/3 of what you would normally need.

Given falling number of qualified workers and overall resources deficits, 3D printing can turn out to be revolutionizing solution for the construction industry.

Details on the 3D printed house in Czech

The home is 43 sqm, it has fully independent, recyclable water flow. The production was 20% more CO2 efficient than in case of traditional housing. The house fits 3 rooms - kitchen and living room, bedroom and bathroom. The material used for outter shell supposedly is 3 times more durable than traditional concrete!

Details on the creators

The house was created by a company called Burinka ( and Michal Trpak as a head constructor.

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