Resistor 47R Ohm 5% 0,25W 1/4W
  • Resistor 47R Ohm 5% 0,25W 1/4W

Resistor 47R Ohm 5% 0,25W 1/4W


Resistor 47R Ohm 5% 0,25W 1/4W features:
- 47R Ohm
-Type: Carbon film
-Tolerance: ±5%
-Power: 0.25W
-Dimensions: 2x7mm

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Resistors 47R Ohm 5% 0,25W 1/4W features:

-47R Ohm
-Type: Carbon film
-Tolerance: ±5%
-Power: 0.25W
-Dimensions: 2x7mm

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Resistencia [Ohm]

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The pinout is directly compatible with Arduino, but it can also be used with other microcontrollers.
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M18 Inductive Proximity Sensor

M18 Inductive Proximity Sensor features:
- Inductive proximity sensor detection switch LJ18A3-8-Z / BX
- NPN DC6-36V
- A Often used for 3D printer bed leveling
- Cylindrical cable type DC 3 cable type (black, brown, blue)
- Inductive sensor type
- NPN NO (Normal Open )
- Detecting distance 8mm
- DC supply voltage 6-36V
- Current output 300mA
- Response frequency 0.5KHz
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Module TCRT5000 Infrared Sensor IR Tracker Line Obstacle

The optical module sensor (reflective) with comparator LM393, which detects obstacles with high precision.
The ideal obstacle detection detector for the installation of smart robots.
TCRT5000 - reflective optical sensor that has a compact construction where the light emitter and receiver are placed in the same direction to detect the presence of a object using infrared reflection on the object.
The working wavelength is 950nm.
The transmitter is infrared LED and the phototransistor receiver.
By using LM393 comparator the module has a binary output (D0) that is at level 1 (object is detected).
The sensor allows the detection of an object at a distance of up to 12 mm.


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