SCS12UU Linear Block Bearing 12mm
  • SCS12UU Linear Block Bearing 12mm
  • SCS12UU Linear Block Bearing 12mm
  • SCS12UU Linear Block Bearing 12mm

SCS12UU Linear Block Bearing 12mm


SCS12UU is aluminum block shell. LM12UU linear bearing built-in.

It's a slide block for 12mm smooth rods

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Linear Bearing SC12UU 12mm Ball Bearing Bracket LM12UU 3D Printer features:

An aluminum block with bearings for linear motion, plain bearings for CNC machines, 3D printers, etc.

- Internal diameter: 12mm
- Length: 36mm
- Material of the casing: Steel
- Support material: Aluminum
- Weight 100g
- Quantity: 1 unit

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