Arduino PORTENTA Breakout
  • Arduino PORTENTA Breakout
  • Arduino PORTENTA Breakout
  • Arduino PORTENTA Breakout
  • Arduino PORTENTA Breakout
  • Arduino PORTENTA Breakout

Arduino PORTENTA Breakout


The Portenta Breakout module extends the capabilities of the Arduino Portenta module with additional connectors and cables. The module includes a power switch, a DIP switch for selecting the start mode of the Arduino Portenta, as well as a series of connectors: USB A, RJ5, microSD, OpenMW, MIPI 20T JTAG. The board also includes the RTC chip, as well as a slot for the CR2032 battery, a screw connector for the power supply and all the cables for the Arduino Portenta module.

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The Portenta Breakout board has been designed to help engineers and hardware manufacturers prototype and test device connections and capabilities within the Portenta family of boards (e.g. Portenta H7).

It provides individual access to all high-density connector signals so that external hardware components and devices can be quickly and easily connected and tested, as is typically needed during development in the lab.

This product is designed to work with the Portenta family. 

Connector OpenMV: Connectivity to the OpenMV global snapshot camera module is provided on the Portenta Breakout board, enabling rapid development of machine vision applications with the Portenta family.

The Portenta Breakout board can act as the first entry point for technical education in industrial control and embedded systems.


  • Power button
  • Boot mode DIP switch
  • Connectors
  • - USBA
  • - RJ45 up to 1 Gb/s
  • - Micro SD card
  • - OpenMV shutter module
  • - MIPI 20T JTAG with tracking capability
  • Power supply
  • - CR2032 RTC Lithium backup battery
  • - External power terminal block
  • I/O
  • - Separation of all signals from the Portenta high-density connector
  • - HD male/female connectors allow the breakout between Portenta and the display to be interposed to debug signals
  • Compatibility
  • - Standard high-density Portenta connector pin layout
  • Safety Information
  • - Class A

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