MQ-135 Air Quality Sensor
  • MQ-135 Air Quality Sensor
  • MQ-135 Air Quality Sensor
  • MQ-135 Air Quality Sensor

MQ-135 Air Quality Sensor

The Carbon Monoxide sensor is a low-power digital gas sensor which has a CCS811 sensor and an 8-bit microcontroller, contains an analog-digital converter so that it can detect indoor air quality which can detect monoxide carbon (CO) and a wide range of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It is a sensor designed to monitor air quality inside personal devices such as mobile devices and smart watches, with low power consumption that can be used with battery


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The Ccs811 sensor monitors air quality with an 8-bit Microcontroller that is integrated to execute the 12-bit Analog-Digital conversion algorithm for sensor readings and Digitized conversions with an I2C slave interface which allows connection to the master control system, The CCS811 is based on microplate technology which is effective for gas sensors with fast cycle times and a significant reduction in power consumption.


  • Operating voltage: 1.8-3.3V
  • Average operating current: 30mA
  • Operational ambient temperature: -40 ° C - 85 ° C
  • Storage temperature -40 ° C - 125 ° C
  • Product shelf life: 5 years
  • Size: 15mm x 21mm
  • Volatile Organic Compound Detection: 0 to 32,768 parts per million (ppm)
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection: 400 parts per million at 29,206 ppm

The module has 8 pins:

  • - Vcc
  • - GND
  • - SCL (Serial Clock Line, used to provide clock pulse for I2C communication).
  • - SDA (Serial Data Address, used to transfer the data through I2C communication)
  • - WAK (Wake (active low))
  • - INT (Interrupt (active low))
  • - RST (Reset (Active Low))
  • - ADD (Single address selection bit to allow alternative address to be selected)

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