KP000 Pillow Block Mounted Bearing 10mm
  • KP000 Pillow Block Mounted Bearing 10mm

KP000 Pillow Block Mounted Bearing 10mm


10mm Bore Pillow Block Mounted Bearing is often suited to support rotating shaft applications.

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Pillow Block Mounted Bearing KP000

- This type of bearings have self-alignment function, since our bearings are new, there is an angle between the inner race and the outer race, it is normal that they are not parallel, the bearing can work without worrying that the internal race and the race outside are parallel or not
- Easy to install
- Durable with high precision
- They can support great weight
- The angle between the inner bearing and the fixing ring is adjustable
- For 3D Printer

Pillow Block Mounted Bearing KP000 features

- Model: KP10 KP000
- Type of bearing: support block
- Approximate dimensions):
  - Internal diameter: 10mm
           - Height: 35mm
           - Length: 67mm
           - Distance between holes: 45mm
- Material: Zinc Alignment and Steel Bearings
- Lubrication: Oil
- Color: Silver and black
- Package includes: 1u KP000

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Helpful Links:
Operation of the robot by Infrared / Operation of the robot by Bluetooth / Automatic operation with detection of obstacles


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