Resistor 1K Ohm 5% 0,25W 1/4W
  • Resistor 1K Ohm 5% 0,25W 1/4W

Resistor 1K Ohm 5% 0,25W 1/4W


Resistor 1K Ohm 5% 0,25W 1/4W features:
-1K Ohm
-Type: Carbon film
-Tolerance: ±5%
-Power: 0.25W
-Dimensions: 2x7mm

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Resistor 1K Ohm 5% 0,25W 1/4W features:

-1K Ohm
-Type: Carbon film
-Tolerance: ±5%
-Power: 0.25W
-Dimensions: 2x7mm

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Resistencia [Ohm]

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